Friday, June 5, 2020

New OSR products at DTRPG — June 4th, 2020

Yeah, missed the last couple weeks.  Already exhausting, work has been make much more difficult by having to wear a mask for the whole shift. And then the last week, having to barricade the store...

Don't seem to have missed too much, and that guy is still spamming the DTRPG store with generic heraldry images

Adventures & Settings

BX1 The screaming Temple -  Old Pacesetter (the newer one) module for Pacesetter's version of BX. 16 pages, $2

BX8 Ruins of the Red Moon - As above, adapting their old solo module to their BX rules. 48 pages, $2.50

City of Solstice: Evil Streets Home Invasion - Adventure for Charles Rice's City of Solstice, urban gritty fantasy setting for 1e (which is excellent by the way, need to finish my review of it). 15 pages, $2

S3 The Bandit's Bounty -  Creation's Edge mini adventure for 3rd to 5th level S&W characters about invading a bandit's fortress. $1.50, 15 pages

S4 Rangers of Arkwood - Creation's Edge mini adventure for 4th to 6th level S&W characters about missing rangers. 16 pages, $1.50

SG4 Tomb of the Dragon Lord -  2nd to 4th level adventure from Starry Knight, 42 pages and $7

The Deadwoods - Part of an ongoing hex crawl, $2.95, 23 pages.


BX RPG Player's Guide -  Didn't this come out a while ago? Or are there so many BX games I've lost my mind? But this is Pacesetter's take on BX which has advanced classes and things like the Necromancer as well.  $5 and 104 pages

BX RPG Dungeon Guide -  Companion to above. $5 and 112 pages.


Alarms & Journeys V1, No 5. - Why can't these things juts use normal numbering? Still, looks interesting and very old school with a Top Secret adventure (not sure if for the new one or old) and and interview with Merle Rasmussen, creator of said RPG, himself.  96 pages, $11.99

Friday Enhanced Map 5-29-20 - $2

Friday Enhanced Map 6-5-20 - This looks like it could be a cult dungeon. $2

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

5 Days Left in the Survive This! Fantasy Kickstarter

Although I don't think I ever got around to reviewing it, I am a fan of the Dark Places & Demogorgons game, basically a OSR based Strange Things inspired game of kids investigating weird stuff in the 1980s.  It's remarkably ugly in terms of presentation (DIY-ish), but it's well designed, taking things from basically all editions of D&D, not just the all too common house rules for S&W that we see.

Anyway, there's a fantasy version of the game on Kickstarter.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — May 18th, 2020

Another slow week, surprisingly.  Also of interest is what seems to be a new (or maybe just new to DTRPG) adventure for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes.

Adventures & Settings

Hex 15.21 - The River's Source -  Part of the ongoing series from Third Kingdom games. 22 pages, $2.95

PG1 A Player's Guide to Meryath - Meryath being the kingdom for the first Calidar sourcebook from Bruce Heard. 24 pages, $2.95

Sailing Aboard the Widow - One of those combatless adventures from Raging Swam. $3.45 and 13 pages.


Dark Dungeons X -  10th Anniversary edition of the BECMI retroclone. PWYW, 410 pages.


Delve! Zine Issue 3-  24 pages, including some Asian themed classes for S&W. $1.99

Friday Enhanced Map 5-15-20 - Creepy looking cave. $2

Monday, May 11, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — May 11th, 2020

Surprisingly little this week.

Adventures & Settings

The Secret of Lupo Grace -  Short S&W adventure. Free!


White Box: Unearthed Trove -  Another attempt at re-adding Complete/1E classes and races to White Box for some reason. 31 pages, PWYW


Cavalier Attitude Bundle - Ten issues of the e-zine for $12.49

Friday Enhanced Map 5-8-20 - Sci-Fi looking map, in fact, the bottom looks like a Dalek.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — May 4th, 2020

I've missed the last couple weeks because my internet died. I live in a rural area and Hughes Net is my only choice.  I dunno what happened exactly, happened after a storm, so I dunno if it was lightning (nothing else was affected) but it went kaput.

So I tried using my phone, but the computer I do this from doesn't have a wifi adapter, so I have to either use ethernet or a usb tether. But my phone's usb port was bad and wouldn't connect (and barely charge)

But I have a new phone now. Worked so well I was going to buy another one and use that for internet, but somehow my carrier (Visible) is sold out of all phones except the super expensive ones.

Adventures & Settings

Hex 14.43 - Eyrie of the Eaglefolk -  Hex crawl. 20 pages, $2.95

The Folio 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 -  Someone must buy these, but not me. But more dual stat adventures that are very railroady. $4.19 each

Incursion from Outer Space -  It's a point crawl, which is something that completely baffles me.  $3, 24 pages.

The Tomb of Raven Darkmore - Dungeon of a deceased grandmaster assassin. PWYW (suggested $3) and 30 pages

Warhorse Adventures - All my paladins died before 4th level, but for those that didn't comes this set of adventures for paladins to find their special mount. 40 pages, $6.95


Barrow Keep Playtest - This seems to be something like Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures (sort of young adult fantasy), but requiring the Old School Essentials rulebooks and some other third party rules. $9 and unknown number of pages.

Expanded 20 Level Core Four Classes -  There was a proposed companion book for B/X that never happened, instead they started over with BECMI. But what if there was? 25 pages, $2

Gillmen -  New racial character class for B/X. Not clear if it's a deep one style thing or creature from the black lagoon type. $1 and 5 pages.

The Warlock - From the witch guy for OSE.  72 pages, $2.99


SCA The Best of Cavalier Attitude 2 - Is there really a point in a best of digital magazine? It made sense for Dragon because they wanted to reprint articles that people wanted. 60 pages, $7.50

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — April 13th, 2020

Was too tired to do it last week. Doesn't help that someone uploaded 100s of heraldry images that anyone with a pulse could make. No lions or griffons or penguins rampant, just simple colors and shapes that would take someone like me (not terrible skilled) about 5 minutes to make.

Steve Jackson Games has uploaded a bunch of Car Wars stuff. My friends probably played more of that than AD&D, or at least we moved into it because we found cars very interesting.

Adventures & Sourcebooks

City of Solstice: Evil Streets -   From Charles Rice comes this urban fantasy setting for 1e. As near as I can tell from the preview product, the PCs are sort of vigilantes in a Thieves World (Sanctuary) grim city. 177 pages, $15

S2 Night Crystal Pass - Creation's Edge Games is back with his 36th (!) adventure, this one for levels 2-4. 21 pages, $1.50

The Misty Isles - New reprint of the classic Wee Warriors module. 48 pages, $4.95

The Reef Tavern - Location. 6 pages, PWYW (suggested 50 cents) 

Village Backdrop: Macrimei 2.0 (OSR Edition) -  Raging Swam finally started making OSR versions of their Village backdrop series, this one, some sort of desert themed. 12 pages, $3.45


CAL2a Conversion Guide to Caldwen for Vintage Roleplaying - Conversion book for Bruce Heard's latest Calidar products for Labyrinth Lord. 28 pages, $2.95

CAL2b Conversion Guide to Caldwen for the OSRIC System - Above, but to OSRIC/1e. 28 pages, $2.95


Friday Enhanced Map 4-10-20 -  Part of a multi-part dungeon. $2

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — March 30th, 2020

This has been a strange week.

Adventures & Settings

Attack of the Robomen -  Short adventure for Space Adventures X, the white box space game. $1.50, 9 pages.

CA2 How to Train Your Wizard -  A new Calidar adventure from Bruce Heard about young magic-users. This seems to be system neutral, but a LL/OSRIC conversion guide is promised.  68 pages, $5.95

Satana Station  -  Setting book for the underrated OSR space RPG Machinations of the Space Princess game.  150 and $7.49

The Crypt of Fendoom Groom the Marvelous -  Third level adventure for White Box. Free, 5 pages.

The Mists of Myolnheym - Mini regional sourcebook for Odysseys & Overlords about a town of cloud giants. 9 pages, $1.25


Advanced Mutant Companion - Sourcebook for Mutant Future. $6.99 and 44 pages

Aephestus Shipyard Class Cruiser -  Seems to be deckplans and stuff for a starship for Stars Without Number, plus maybe rules for making ships? 20 pages, $1.50


Friday Enhanced Map 3-27-20 - Looks like a cliffside dungeon. $2