Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New OSR Titles at DTPRG/RPGNow — January 31st, 2017

Blargh, my flu has turned into pneumonia.  On the bright side, the end of Winter is in sight.

Not really OSR to my mind, but there is new issue of Frontier Explorer Magazine, celebrating Star Frontiers 35th Anniversary.


AC2 Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure -  Not exactly TSR's most creative title, it's actually a decent little adventure included, The Treasure of the Hideous One, a very small swamp crawl.  $1.99 and 14 pages, 8 of which is the adventure.

Player's Secret: Hogunmark -  One of the ideas of Birthright was to sell sourcebooks to players, representing the country their character rules. Apparently the catch was, they were priced too low to actually make much of a profit. This one is a country in Birthright's Denmark, I think. 32 pagse, $4.99

The Haunted Tower - Last "adventure pack" for the last incarnation of the D&D Basic set, featuring 3 16 page adventures. 50 pages total, $4.99


At the Mountains of Madness -  This seems to be a rather unusual module where the players are members of a Antarctic sightseeing tour whose plane crashes. It apparently uses the Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future rules. Interesting premise, but $7 for only 23 pages kept me from getting it. 


Directory of Denizens -  Small-ish Monster Manual for the original Metamorphosis Alpha by Jim Ward. 16 pages with full color art and $3.99


Castle Oldskull- The Pegana Mythos -  248 pages of Gods and such inspired by the works of Lord Dunsany  $3.99

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 1-27-17 -  Enhanced version of Paratime Designs weekly freebie, which seems to be a underground river and cavern with a small temple area. $1.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — January 24th, 2017

What's less fun than having the flu? Having your truck break down while you have the flu. Ugh.

On the bright side, a whole lot of adventures this week, though most are pricey.


Chaos Spawn -  Dragonlance sourcebook. They were converting the setting over to that SAGA system, but apparently still included 2e stats.  64 pages, $4.99

Seeds of Chaos - A Dragonlance adventure related to the above. 64 pages, $4.99

The Dragon's Den - This is a set of adventures for the '91 Basic boxed set rules. 50 pages, $4.99

The Goblin's Lair -  As above. $4.99 and 50 pages.


Adventures of Black Ridge Island -  A compilation of 3 shorter adventures for AD&D set on an island of adventure. For characters 1-3.  36 pages, and $9.99

Arise the Ancients -  Goodman produced some stuff for Metamorphosis Alpha, but here comes a module from Jim Ward himself by way of "EffinCoolMiniatures". 40 pages, $5.99

BR4 Oh Rats! -  Part of the "Black Ridge" series from Dark Cult Games, this is an AD&D module set among a rat infested city (not D.C.) for characters level 5-8. 40 pages and $9.99. Also includes rules for running a vermin character

BR5 Isle of the Ancients - AD&D module for characters level 7-9. 36 pages and a rather pricey $14.99, though from the file size, it could well have a lot of art.

TG2 Tongues of the Screaming Toad -  S&W version of sequel to the multi-system TG1 and apparently not about ex-girlfriends. $4.99 and 33 pages.

Tukram's Tomb - Small dungeon adventure. 22 pages, PWYW.


Castle Oldskull The Book of Dungeon Traps -  Over 800 traps as well as guidelines for using them. I'm never been good with DMing traps, I don't have a poker face so I get anxious when they get close to one. 308 pages and $3.99


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 1-20-17 - Half cave system, half dungeon. $1 for enhanced version.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — January 17th, 2017

Blah. I just get over my chronic bronchitis and I get hit by the flu.   In fact, I just sneezed all over the screen. Thankfully after last week's busy released schedule, things are more down to normal.


Calimport -  Sourcebook for a Forgotten Realms I'm not familiar with. 96 pages, $4.99

Reunion - TSR was still making tournament adventures in the 90s. This is one of them, for Al-Qadim. $4.99 and 32 pages.

Ruined Kingdoms - This is an Al-Qadim boxed set focused on somewhat silly ruins. Its successor, City of Bones is much better (and somewhat Sword & Sorcery-ish). $9.99, 96 pages

The Factol's Manifesto - Ugh. The slang even in the product blurb gives me a headache.  $9.99 and 160 pages.


The Lucanii Drift -  This is a sandbox setting for Starships & Spacemen 2e, though should work easy enough with most OSR sci-fi games. Price is now back to $7.99 for its 162 pages and it's well worth it, both as an adventure and as an expansion for S&S2e, filling in some of the missing Trek knock-off races with more knock-offs (for instance, for the Orions).  Also has a ton of art.


Castle Oldskull: Dungeon Delver Enhancer -  Want to develop a background for your character? Well, here's 610 pages of tables to help you do so. (Yikes, I don't even like naming mine until they are 3rd level). 616 pages and $4.99


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map: 01-13-2017 -  Looks like a river with what could be a lich's lair. $1 for the enhanced version.

SL&VL Zine #2 - "Suomalaisten OSR-harrastajien kokoaman lehden Siniset Luolat & Valkeat Lohikäärmeet toinen numero on täällä! Tällä kertana teemana on gonzo ja science fiction.". Either my flue has gotten much worse, or that some sort of Scandinavian language or I guess maybe Finnish. 69 pages, PWYW.

Vacant Ritual Assembly #6 -  Fanzine for Lamentations of the Flame Princess 52 pages, $5

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Lucanii Drift for Starships & Spacemen 2e is DTRPG's Deal of the Day

I backed Starships & Spacemen 2e on Indie Go Go a few years ago and while I mostly liked it, I thought it was rather sparse, 90 pages for $40 (in hardcover).

Well, the recent Lucanii Drift is a sourcebook for that game system that somewhat addresses that issue, being twice the size of S&S2 at 184 pages.  Not only does it provide a proper sandbox setting for the game, it provides additional rules

Inside this book:
  • Expanded starship combat rules
  • New Equipment
  • New character races
  • Additional character generation rules
  • Rules for improving and developing starships
  • 15 sectors to explore, filled with conundrums and discoveries.
  • Hundreds of encounters and adventures

Ordinarily a pretty good value at $7.99, right now it's only half that.

Adventurer Conqueror King System in new Bundle of Holding

While I personally think you'd be better off just using the old Rules Cyclopedia rules, or B/X with the various Gazetteers (a word I still cannot spell 35 years later), the Bundle of Holding currently has a heck of a deal on ACKS

For $9.95 you get

  • Adventurer Conqueror King System
  • ACKS Player's Companion
  • Domains at War: Campaigns (the whole "Conquer" part they left out of the original book)
  • The Sinister Stone of Sakkara (really well done adventure)
  • Auran Empire Primer

For  $21.04+ (I think this changes you also get

  • Dwimmermount (ACKS version)
  • Domains at War: Battles (Rules for mass combat which weren't in the  original book)
  • Domains at War: Troops and Terrain (See above)
  • Lairs & Encounters (No idea)
That's a really good deal. They generally have pretty low prices to begin with ($10 for most PDFs) but this is pretty much half that already cromulent price. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — January 10th, 2017

This is quite a busy week, with a host (make that a horde) of adventures and three Castle Oldskull books. While the name conjures up a geriatric He-Man's retirement home, they seem to comprise almost 1000 pages worth of design material (tables and such).


Chainmail: Rules of Medieval Miniatures -  The book that started it all. $4.99 and 44 pages.

Children of the Night: The Created -  Ravenloft sourcebook about Frankenstein's monster style monsters. 98 pages, $4.99

Dead Gods - Two adventures based on corpses of gods floating in Astral Space. Planescape has a lot of ideas ruined by chimney sweep slang.  176 pages and $9.99

The Jade Hare -  This is a pretty crappy basic adventure but was once one of the biggest (and still may be) collectibles around. $1.99 and 8 pages.


Castle Oldskull: City State Encounters -  This might be more of a random table book, hard to tell from the sample. At any rate, it's huge at 150 pages and only $2.99

Shattered Moon: Blood Hook Climb - Seems to be an adventure setting for a retro clone that I seem to have missed, Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells. PWYW and 16 pages.

The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign -  Contains the Folio adventures 1-6, plus all the mini-adventures (1 to 6 that is) below.  136 pages, $24.99

The Folio #1.5: Welcome to House Aldener -  The first half-dozen of so Folio modules detail a competitive mini-dungeon where adventuring companies explore. This seems to detail an admissions test (ie, mini-adventure) for the PCs to join one such company. 8 pages, $1.99. Duel statted for 1e.

The Folio #2.5: Test of the Tower - Like above, but for a wizard's group. 8 pages, $1.99

The Folio #3.5: Dire Run to House Fleetwood - Apparently Stevie Nicks has turned a village into zombies. 8 pages, $1.99

The Follio #4.5: Hammers Fall in Anarchy - Mini-dungeon in the main dungeon. 8 pages, $1.99

The Folio #5.5 The Mithel Company Champion -  Sidequst for Folio #5 (which I think is when I stopped buying them), part of the Rosloff Keep series. $1.99 8 pages. Dual statted including 1e

The Folio #6.5 - Seems like a sidequest for Folio #6, part of the Rosloff Keep Dungeon. . $1.99 and 8 pages.

The Folio #8.5: Ratmen of the Dead Oak -  I think they used to open for the Dead Kennedys. Mini-adeventure sidequest for the Folio #8. $1.99 and 8 pages.

The Folio #9.5: Gang War -  Mini side quest for the Folio #9. 8 pages, $1.99

The Folio #10.5: The Creche of Set -  Mini side quest for the Folio #10. 8 pages, $1.99

The Folio #10: DF3  Explore  Lost Temple of Tefnut. 32 pages, $5.99 

The Folio #11: AT1 -  Hmm, no catchy name here for what appears to be the start of a new trilogy of adventures set in a city named Taux, which alas is not full of penguins, but seems to be full of thieves.  36 pages and $5.99

The Folio Digital Quarter #1 - Because apparently they hadn't released enough products this week, this seems to be some sort of more modern (steampunk-ish, anyway) adventure set in the future of the world of all their previous titles.  $4.99 and 28 pages.

The Grapeshot Express -  "Absurdist" adventure or so the blurb claims. 30 pages, $4.

The Phoenix Barony -  More adventure setting than adventure. $1 and 26 pages.

The Irminsul of Aphrodite-Ammunt - Into the Deep Forest. Adventure for Labyrinth Lord set around a sacred tree and its forest.  $2.00 and 11 pages.




Black Pudding #2 -  The second issue of J.V. West's OSR fanzine seems to be a grab bag of stuff, new classes, adventures, npcs, magic items and more. PWYW and 24 pages.

Castle OldSkull: Classic Dungeon Guide -  Seems to be adventure seeds, tables, and advice rolled up into one giant product. 320 pages and $4.99

Castle Oldskull: Game World Generator - Like above, but for a whole game world. 330 pages, and $4.99.

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 01-06-17 -  "Enhanced" version of a dungeon map by Tim Hartim. Looks like an underground temple and toomb. $1

Wizard's Tower Generator -  At 13 pages, doesn't seem very comprehensive. $2.99

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — January 3rd, 2017

Woohoo, New Year, and with a decent amount of new OSR products.


Axe of the Dwarvish Lords -  Apparently running out of ideas, TSR thought of making modules about each famous artifact.  Not actually too bad, but you have to really like Dwarves. For levels 13-15. 192 pages and $9.99

Evil Tide - They also apparently thought they should make a module trilogy around each classic monster. This is for sahuagins, part 1 of 3. $4.99 and 32 pages. Meh.

King of the Giantdowns - Birthright module, which was my main interest in the 2e era. Pretty decent adventure, though not terribly specific to the world. 64 pages, $4.99

The Inner Planes - Last big product for Planescape and presumably still full of annoying chimney sweep slang, guv'nor.  $9.99 and 128 pages.


The Buried Zikurat -  OSR version of the sequel to the  Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil. Hopefully this one actually explains the non-standard monsters. 36 pages, $6.95

Hexed Places - Denshi Ferry -  Hex crawl involving Luke's younger sister. 15 pages, $2.69

Lands of Lunacy - Sounds like either a planar adventure or mini-setting. 32 pages, $5.50.

The Place of Forgetting -  Apparently not Las Vegas, but a horror adventure for 3rd level characters. 37 pages, $2


Battleaxes & Beasties -  Another OSR games based on White Box. I'm not sure what this specifically offers, nor if a battleaxe is a one or two handed weapon. But I do know it's $9.99 and 175 pages.

Wakened Wilderness -  Rules for playing in a world similar to that of a novel I've never heard of, "Redwall", but apparently includes woodland races (possibly Smurfs, though that's just speculation). 50 cents, 11 pages.

White Box Tome Arioth 1 - 108 "new" magic items recycled from the author's previous products.  $4.99, 75 pages.


The Big Book of Randomness -  At 25 pages, not that big, actually, but full of random tables.  $1.99

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Be sure to check out the new adventure at 3 Toadstools

A little late, but things have been surprisingly hectic the last couple weeks besides the usual holiday stuff. My pipes froze which screwed up my plumbing in way I don't really understand but have to cope with and fix.

But this has brightened things up, a new (and free) adventure from Shane Ward of 3 Toadstools, Troubling Events, for Labyrinth Lord , a nice sword & sorcery style mini-dungeon. Well, not that mini at 24 rooms, but probably one session.