My Stuff

These are also available on RPGNow/DTRPG as well as from my Mediafire account 


HS1 The Lost Shrine of Sirona - Small (2 pages) adventure I mostly made to test making adventures. For 5th to 9th level.

HS2 The Forsaken Burial Vaults - Mid-sized adventure (12 pages) set in a lost (mostly) crypt. For 6th to 10th level.

YS1 The Outpost of the Outer Ones - Mid-sized (12 pages + extra material) dungeon crawl in a Mi-Go outpost. For 6th to 10th level.


Five new classes - The Warlock (magical but not a spellcaster), the Exorcist (magic resistant fighter), the Witch Hunter (swashbuckling foe of evil magicians), the Dervish (unarmored cleric), and the Tomb Robber (like a fighter-thief, sorta).  All in one zip file, either from UploadMB, TooFile, or TinyUpload