Thursday, May 8, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—May 8th, 2014

This week seems fairly busy

The biggest item seems to be Mad Monks of Kwantoom from Kabuki Kaiser (who has done a few notable OSR items), an Asian themed sourcebook in the vein of Oriental Adventures. It's for Labyrinth Lord/Advanced Edition Characters. $10, 228 pages

Every week seems to have an Adventures in Filbar product, this week is no different. FT - Corsair Bay is a free download. 17 pages.

The Tao of Ato is an adventure apparently for BECMI D&D. Seems Asian themed. 16 pages

Issue #6 of the Manor, a fanzine for LL (mostly), $2.50, 28 pages

The Spell Stealer is a new class for OSRIC (or 1e AD&D). 99 cents, number of pages not listed

The Field Guide to the City of Clocks is a Swords & Wizardry supplement of some sort, I guess for a setting I'm unfamiliar with. 60 pages, $7

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