Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 18th, 2017

Released my first module in a year (see below for details). It's so strange though, people seem to download them more than character classes, but they are more likely to not pay anything for them. My previous module brought in $8 total in a year (minus the cut) and this one is doing  better at $4.15 and 84 downloads. But my last class has had 68 downloads and brought in a whopping $12.81. And my previous class which I released last month, so far this month has only 17 downloads, but brought in $3.

As I am not really looking to make money, it's more curious than anything else. But I do use it to buy stock art from DTRPG. The classes tend to pay for themselves almost immediately (even when I splurged for the $10 pic of the barbarian lady), but modules basically lose money.


DLS New Beginnings -  Sadly, I think Dragonlance reached Highlander levels of milking, always trying to re-capture the magic and success of the original modules/novels.  This is more of an introductory play aid than anything else. 32 pages, $4.99

DLA3 Dragon's Rest - Conclusion of the Taladas trilogy which I have no memory of whatsoever. . 64 pages, $4.99

Elminster's Ecologies -  This combines two things I hated the most in Dragon magazine, long winded ecologies about a fantasy monster and Elminster rambling on. Ugh. But if you like those, this is for you.  288 pages and $9.99

Powers & Pantheons -  Late 2e book about the gods of the Forgotten Realms.  $9.99 and 192 pages.

The Silver Key - Orc themed low level adventure from the last days of 2e. 36 pages, $4.99


HS4 The Forge of Ilmarinen - Or get it here from my Google Drive (if I've done it correctly). Short mid level (5-7) dungeon crawl with lots of monsters taken from Pathfinder. 15 page, PWYW

The Tall Witch -  This is for a system I'm not familiar with, but is pretty generic OSR. It's quite interesting, but it uses the LotFP "Screw You" method of scenario design, where the PCs may or may not be unwilling murderers based on a random die...

Which is silly, because basically it assumes that their world doesn't exist. That they couldn't go and do research on the legends of the monsters they are supposed to defeat, or god forbid, use divination magic. 26 pages (single column), PWYW.


Desperate & Hungry -  Misery tourism comes to the OSR. 15 pages, PWYW

Magic Madness 3: Spells for OSR Game -  33 new spells. 35 pages, $2.50


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map - 4-14-17 - Neat looking dungeon that looks like a temple complex. $1 for enhanced version.

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