Thursday, July 19, 2018

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — July 18th, 2018

OBS seems to have changed how preview works as it seems to currently be disabled.


Gamma World Game Rules 4th Edition -  This version of Gamma World is from 1992 and is probably the most old school D&D compatible of the bunch and is where ascending armor class was first introduced.  $9.99 for PDF, $24.99 for print version

Gamma World: Gamma Knights -  Really more of a board game than supplement. $4.99 for PDF

S4 The Lost Cavern of Tsjocanth - Presumably now updated for the print version ($9.99) or PDF + Print ($11.99). This is one of my favorite modules


Book of Lairs: Abandoned Places - 13 monster lairs for ACKS. $3.27 and 36 pages.

The Barbarian King -  Adventure from Melan/Gabor Lux, probably one of the most original (in a good way) adventure designers in the OSR. $4 and 24 pages.


Dolmenwood Rogues Gallery Vol 1 - Some pregens for LL. PWYW

Friday Enhanced Map 7-13-18 -  Part dungeon, part cave. $1

Thief Skills Totaliser for LL - Spreadsheet or something because apparently for some it's harder to copy numbers from a table in a book than to use a spreadsheet, I guess. PWYW

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