Monday, October 14, 2019

New OSR Products at DTRPG — October 14th, 2019

While I have no use for DCC as it deliberately tries to not be old school D&D (which annoyed me back in the day when ever FRPG took the same philosophy), they just put up a bunch of Lankhmar stuff


A Magical Society Aggressive Ecology - The Slaver Fungus -  I'm not sure what this is exactly, but it's not just a monster, so... 14 pages, $6.00

A Magical Society Aggressive Ecology - The Undead Leviathan -  This one is apparently about a dead whale. 11 pages, $6

Plague, Famine, & War II: Electric Pestilence -  Seemingly a somewhat dark adventure for OSRIC. 18 pages, $2.99

The Mapmaker's Mistake Inn - The mapmaker's name? Howard Johnson. Actually more a small town setting with adventure hooks. 75 cents and 18 pages


Balor-Kin Racial Class -  For race as class game (B/X, LL, and Old School Essentials) comes this from James Mishler Games.  $1 and 4 pages

Marilith-Kin Racial Class - As above, but for the classic Type V demon. Although I wonder how you would get one of those pregnant, since the lower half of their anatomy is a snake. $1 and 4 pages.

Dungeon Wanderers -  Apparently a quick way of coming up with them. 1 page, free.

Hex Crawl Basics -  Did this come out earlier? Or was there something similar? Anyway, this is a free rules thing for hex crawling.

Old School Essentials Core Rules - Plain Text Edition -  Free. While I think OSE is superfluous at best, at least it's open content

RPPP Medieval Authentic Magic Rocks -  "Look at this! It falls to the ground when I let it go from my hand. Magic!" 16 pages, $2.99


Friday Enhanced Map 10-11-19- Not sure what to make of this one, except it has a lot of stairs. $2


  1. "I wonder how you would get one of those pregnant, since the lower half of their anatomy is a snake". I guess you haven't watched Monster Musume yet :D

  2. Regarding the Marilith, Marilith-Kin can actually shift from a humanoid to a serpentine form; so they can reproduce "the old fashion way" in either form (and there are both male and female Marilith-Kin). There are other ways for demon-kin to reproduce as well, which will be revealed (along with other details about demon-kin) in a product that follows after the six "common" forms of demon-kin.

    Also, I should note, demon-kin are not half-demons; they are demon races. The classic demons are ascended demon-kin, the servants of the demon-gods and demon-princes; the demon-kin are to true demons as mortals are to saints, more or less (though there are far more true demons than there are saints).

    The balor were my inspiration for this dichotomy; Tolkien originally wrote of there being armies of balrogs, but obviously, not every one of these was as potent as Gothmog or Durin's Bane. Later he changed his canon to there being only seven balrogs. In my mind, the way to work them together is to have a race of "balrog-kin," then have them led by the seven fallen Maiar known as "true balrogs."

    Anyway, after the six are done I will publish the "Guide to Demon-Kin and Demon-Bloods," which collects and updates a bunch of stuff I wrote for my never-finished Grymdark Lands setting (a world of demons, demon-kin, and demon-bloods (tieflings)). If there is enough interest generated by the new races and related materials, I might get around to finishing up the Grymdark Lands.