Friday, June 12, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — June 11th, 2020

This has been the strangest year. And not in a good way, like the 70s or 80s.

Adventures & Settings

Dungeons Your Party Will Die For -  10 Mini adventures with conversion to OSR. 36 pages and $15. Strangely, the book is the same price as the PDF.

Isle of the Angry Apes - For S&W, 28 pages, $9.99

The Obsidian Keep - A low level 5e adventure converted to OSR about a ruined pirate fortress. Sounds kinda interesting despite its 5e origins. $3 and 35 pages.

Willow - Not about the Val Kilmer movie, but some sort of artsy mini-setting for S&W.  32 pages, $7


Trilemma Adventures Bestiary B/X -  These are B/X versions of monsters for a series of 1 page dungeons for 5e that released last year. I really hate 1 page dungeons (it's a cute idea, but puts too much work on the DM), but this might be useful, and if you don't hate 1 page dungeons, there's a bundle for both. This though is 150 pages and $8.95


Friday Enhanced Map 6-5-20 -  Perhaps the one constant in this world are Tim Hartin's dungeon maps. $2

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