Friday, June 9, 2017

Dark Dungeons Deluxe in the Works

Over on Dragonsfoot someone ("Peter") is working on making a deluxe version of Dark Dungeons, the BECMI retro-clone

So far, changes include:

Reduced to 2-column layout.
Different color choices.
Header and footer images.
Color class and monster art.
New Cover.
Spellchecked for American English.

New Classes: Gnome (PC2), Mountebank (Darker Dungeons).
Druids are now a full class (DRGN177).
Thief ability progression to level 14 reverted to expert set. After level 14 progresses similarly to RC.

New Skills: Snares (RC)

New Equipment: Flail (Darker Dungeons), Kite Shield (GAZ15), Morning Star (Darker Dungeons), Small Shield (GAZ15), Tower Shield (GAZ15)

Elves have a new spell list, with some new spells (GAZ5).
Some spells now function differently when cast underwater (PC3).

New Monsters: Bhut (DMR2), Bird of Prey, Lesser Haunt (DMR2)
Changed Lesser Phoenix to Firebird (I12+MCSA2)

I'm not sure about the Druid change, but the rest is excellent. He's looking for any input help, so check it out if you have any interest in that sort of D&D.

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