Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — June 26th, 2017

I sometimes think the best way to stay healthy is to avoid being sick. I mean, besides the obvious, there seem to be complications from getting treatment. My father goes to the hospital for pneumonia. While there, he chokes on a sandwich. He recovers from that and gets discharged. But he was given some sort of drug that causes internal bleeding and he has to go back to the hospital to fix that.  That was cured and he was discharged again, only now he has to go back to the hospital because he got bed sores during his stay that aren't healing right.


Jakandor, Land of Legend -  As if late 2e era TSR didn't have enough settings to support, so they decided to put out a series of mini settings. Jakandor was one of these and this is the 3rd book for it. 146 pages, $7.99

Sea of Blood -  Last of a trilogy of modules about sahuagin. $4.99 and 64 pages

The Sylvan Veil -  Otherwise known as leaves. I guess. 112 pages and $9.99. Some Dragonlance thingie about wood elves


Blue Crystal Mine -  Creation's Edge starts up a new series of S&W modules with this, for 1-3 levels. 11 pages, $1.50

Broken God's Pain -  Like when Thor drops his hammer on his toe. Apparently a conversion of an older adventure to Labyrinth Lord, but I have no idea what the original adventure was for. $6 and 81 pages and for low levels.

Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City -   Huge sourcebook for MA from Goodman Games, detailing the largest city about the ship. Essentially turning MA into a small scale Gamma World, I guess.  348 pages and $25

SO1 Eternal Knight - Short adventure for AD&D and clones, levels 6-8. 15 pages (including pregends), $5


PC12 - The OSR Rogue -  This is my attempt at a replacement for the thief class. 15 pages and  PWYW or get it from my google drive  (if I have it working right)

The Green Witch for Swords & Wizardry - From that guy that really love witches. A woodsy sort of witch, not the giant vegetable selling kind. $2.99 and 74 pages


Castle Oldskull: The Oldskull Necronomicon I -  I'm not sure what this is, the description if vague, but his previous products were largely random gibberish tables formatted so they take up about 5x the pages they should. $4.99 and 246 pages

Friday Freebie 6-23-17 -  This looks like a very old school (diagonal corridors) tomb complex. $1 for the enhanced version.

Legends of Krshal - For Towers of Krshal, which I believe was a skethcy megadungeon, comes this supplemental book. 46 pages, $4.50

Medieval Roadside Inn -  Floorplans for said sort of inn. $1.99

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  1. Sorry to hear about your father. I've seen the same thing, with infections and such. I hope things get better for him.