Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crimson Blades now at Lulu

I'm pretty sure this is a Swords & Wizardry hack like his other stuff, though a fairly hefty departure incorporating some BRP stuff I think, from Stormbringer/Elric!. 128 pages for $12.50.

With a familiar yet different set of rules, Crimson Blades gives you fantastic old school-style dark fantasy/sword & sorcery role-playing. You can be a brooding sorcerer with a demon blade, a savage barbarian with an equally savage panther companion, a grim tomb-robber seeking the riches of a long-dead empire or even a Dendrelyssi - one of the last members of a decadent race of necromancers looking for redemption in the lands they once ruled. Included in the game are five human character classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Mountebank, Sorcerer and Thief plus the inhuman Dendrelyssi and the NPC class Royal Redeemer. There are the traditional rules for spell-casting as well as rules for summoning and binding demons, elementals and undead. Included in the game is a brief setting "The Crimson Lands" for you to use as the basis for your own campaign

And right now Lulu has a 10% discount code, JUNE10. Usually they have better ones, but that's all I know of at the moment...

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