Thursday, June 26, 2014

New OSR Products at RPNow—June 26th 2014

Busier week than I thought. Chapels are a popular theme for adventures this week.


F05 - Voltar's Chapel is this week's Adventures in Filbar module, meant for low level adventurers. 14 pages, $3

PSE4: Zedkiel's Chapel is a "pocket sized" adventure from Iron Tavern Press. 20 pages, $2, meant for 2-4 level characters.


Familiar from Barrel Rider Games is a class for Labyrinth Lord that lets you play a MU's familiar. $1, 7 pages.

Hero's Journey is an alternate player's book for B/X style games, that I think I have linked to before under a different name. Pay what you want.


Player's Primer of Ark - This seems to be player information about an AD&D setting from a new publisher, Ravenlore Press. 67 pages for 99 cents

Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins - this is meant for Stars Without Number, but that is more or less OSR compatible, and this can easily be used in such games. It's meant to help you design lost races and strange artifacts. A little pricey at $10 for 64 pages.

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