Thursday, November 20, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—November 20th, 2014

Back to being busy this week with a bunch of adventures.


Bitterbark's Circus - From Joseph Bloch/BRW Games comes this adventure meant for his Adventures Dark & Deep game (which is basically just 1e with some minor house rules). 8-9th level, 30 pages, $4.95

FV1 - Jeopardy Caverns - This week's Adventures in Filbar module is meant for beginners. 29 pages, $3

The Halls of Hollow Hill - This was apparently originally for a different game, but converted to Labyrinth Lord, 2nd to 4th level. 12 pages, $2.

The Lizardmen of Illzathatch -  3rd level adventure from Shane Ward/3 Toadstools. The PCs must investigate what happened to a party of dragon slayers. Now with pregenerated characters. 12 pages, Pay What You Want.

Trial of the Guild - Another Swords & Wizardry mini-adventure from Creation's Edge, this time for levels 7-9. For some reason, the PCs want to join an adventurer's guild...if they can past the entrance test. 13 pages, $1.50

Whisper & Venom - This is a large adventure setting from Lesser Gnome. It's been available in print, this is the PDF. $12.95 and pretty big


Adventures Dark & Deep Player's Screen - 8 pages, $1.50. (BTW, Does anyone play this? I'm curious. It just seems so close to 1e, that you might as well play 1e)

Krull Wilderness Map - Annotated - Mentioned this before, this is someone's old campagin map with notes. 1 page, $2.

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