Monday, November 10, 2014

Petty Gods Lives!

There was going to be an expanded version of this book (which details minor gods in an homage to a similar Judges Guild product, Lost Gods), but like a lot of ambitious projects, they just never happen.

Well, apparently it's back on thanks to Richard LeBlanc of Save Vs. Dragon/d30 Companion fame.

There was an open call for submissions. I entered Teptrigor, Goddess of Prudery.

Name: Teptrigor
Symbol: A Turnip
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 66 (16 HD)
Attacks: Battle Axe or Special
Damage: 1d8+2 or Special
Save: C16
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: String of Pearls worth 10,000 gp
XP: 9,000

Teptrigor is the goddess of prudery. She appears as a plain, prune faced middle aged woman dressed in a dull, shapeless brown dress, her dirty brown hair styled in an uneven bowl cut that falls to her jaw.
She despises people enjoying themselves in any activities that might be the least bit unwholesome in her eyes, which is essentially everything except reading her scriptures and slowly dancing to horrible music.
Her followers are known for attacking taverns and libraries, destroying anything they feel might offend the goddess. Sometimes she appears with them, either using her +3 Battle Axe or giving a long sermon, which has the effects of both a sleep spell and stinking cloud.
If sorely pressed in combat (or if she need something blown down), she will summon her husband, a very large and pink faced half-orc werebear of immense size (12 HD). His breath either has the effect of an icestorm spell or gust of wind spell, as cast by a 12th level caster..
  1. Surly
  2. Annoyed
  3. Grouchy
  4. Cantankerous
  5. Spiteful
  6. Drunk

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