Friday, January 2, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow—January 1st, 2015

Woops, almost forgot it was a Thursday. The week between Christmas and New Years is just so strange.


FQ2 - The Poisoning of the Elba River - This weeks Adventures in Filbar product. It's an adventure meant for beginning level characters. $3, 29 pages

Oil & Water - A Pay What You Want dungeon  for original D&D

PSE1: Kajak's Kave Labryrith Lord Edition - The first "Pocket Sized Encounter" module for 4th-6th level characters, now in Labyrinth Lord form (originally published in Swords & Wizardry). 16 pages, $1.75

The Smoking Pillar of Lan Yu -  This is Kevin Crawford's sample "make your own school module". Free.

The Sword of Three Parts -  This is a statless dungeon crawl, but apparently originally designed for AD&D 2e. Mostly features puzzles though. Pay What You Want, 23 (single) pages


Cultist - Barrel Rider is back with their new classes for Labyrinth Lord, this time a Lovecraftian style cultist. $1.


47 Gods & Heroes For Your Campaign World - If one of them isn't named Fred, I'll be disappointed. $1, 19 pages

Delve! Zine Issue 2 - Delve! is a zine dedicated to exploring the weird fantasy side of Old School Gaming.  Operating heavily under the influences of the oft proclaimed Appendix N authors, Delve! also explores other influences such as comics luminaries Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, Steve Ditko and more as well as 1950's-1970's horror/sci-fi/fantasy film, and a dash of old school punk rock. $3.99, 48 pages.  Had me until "old school punk rock". Ugh, that's more pretentious than a Woody Allen movie.

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