Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More info on upcoming Beyond the Wall supplement

Beyond the Wall is one of my favorite OSR games, and the author just posted some more info over on
We have been slower with Further Afield than I had intended, but it is quite close now and I promised teasers back in December. The layout is finished on the document and it is going into final copy editing now, so I feel comfortable letting you guys know what to expect.

-This is our first full-length supplement and will be right around 100 pages.
-We have another cover from Jon Hodgson and interior pieces from the same four artists as last time.
-Further Afield gives guidelines for what we call the "Shared Sandbox" campaign. Using these guidelines, the group gets together and the players take turns telling the myths and rumors of their own game world, which the gamemaster then turns into a sandbox map for the characters to adventure around in.
-We provide Threat Packs which allow you to plop enemies and villains into your campaign. Using the campaign map and the rules provided, these Threats have continuous effect on the sandbox campaign as the characters adventure.
-New character Traits give your heroes just a bit more crunch to play around with and a reason for their true names to compel them to greatness.
-We give three ways for heroes to make their own magical items during the campaign. Only one of these methods requires that the character be a spellcaster.

Can't wait!

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