Thursday, February 5, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow—February 5th, 2015

Things have picked up a little, though still rather slim.


FA0 - The Festival Experience - While I like their version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina, I guess this doesn't refer to the disco group. It's a free mini adventure setting from Adventures in Filbar.

PSE6: Hellspike - The sixth Pocket Sized Adventure from Iron Tavern Press is about a wizard's tower, and is for 3rd to 5th level Swords & Wizardry characters. 19 pages (not so pocket sized, actually) and $2 (probably later $2.50).

Wrath of the Frost Queen -  A third party DCC adventure for 5th level characters, $10, 48 pages.


Gygax Magazine Issue #5 - While mostly seems Pathfinder orientated, there are some OSR tidbits in it. $4.99, 68 pages. Amazingly, 44 of those pages are available in the full preview, so check that out.

The Sandbox #1 - A small freebie from Kevin Crawford of Sine Nomine.  Mostly has some advice on Kickstarter, but also couple useful random tables

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