Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — March 7th, 2017

From flu season to tornado season, I just had a near miss, with something ripping the roof of some old sheds where I live and more impressively, picking up a 1,100 lb round bale of hay and moving it 20 feet away.

Somewhat busy release week, though some are re-treads.


Sea of Fallen Stars -  Troy McClure's favorite Forgotten Realms sourcebook, about the undersea. 192 pages and $9.99

Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Vol 1 -  Compilation of someof the Van Richten monster splatbooks released for Ravenloft. Vampires, werecritters, and golems. They weren't bad, I got a bunch from the old $5 grab bag from American Science & Surplus (along with like 20 copies of Buck Rogers War Against the Han). 288 pages, $9.99

Wild Elves - For the Dragonlance setting, detailing the Kagonesti elves. 64 pages, $4.99

Wrath of the Mintotaur - Theseus!!!! Or perhaps actually a "fast play" adventure for D&D meant to introduce people to the game.  48 pages, $4.99 (and print versions available)


Guide to the Duchy of Valnwell Special Edition -  New version of the "open" city from Small Niche Games. What makes this so special? 10 mini adventures added to it.  $6.99 and 210 pages

The Mazes & Perils Holiday Special 2016 -  Short adventure for the Holmes clone of the same name, as well as new monsters and a village setting. 24 pages, $2.79


The Adventurer's Guide to Lost Arcana -  Spell Sourcebook for 2e/For Gold & Glory from Moses Wildermuth, who is a pretty nice guy. 68 pages and $3.50

The Kingdom of Richard - Wile it describes said kingdom (from the author's youth, thus the name, I imagine), also has some new classes. 36 pages and $2.42 (which I guess might be with 30% off)


Fantastic! Exciting! Imaginative! Vol 1 - Fanzine of sorts for Holmes D&D. 28 pages, Free.

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 3-3-17 - Looks like a temple or tomb built into a side of a cliff. $1 for the enhanced version.

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