Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Merciless Merchants bring out some 2E compatible modules

I missed this in my last update or two, but a couple of new guys, The Merciless Merchants (which makes me picture them as Ferrengi),  have released a couple of modules over at DTRPG for the 2e Retroclone For Gold & Glory.

Although I was a fan of Spelljammer and Birthright, the 2e rules always just felt "wrong" to me, though in retrospect, not nearly as wrong as later editions. It certainly does clean up a lot of the issues with 1e, though not all. So it has its points.

Anyway, the first module, shown above, is The Willowmere Vagabonds for levels 2-4, which sounds like the PCs must deal with bandits in a forest (hopefully more than that).

Their second is The Nevermore Mines, which seems to be horror themed and is for levels 4-7.

Both are a bit pricey at $8.40 a pop, but also are about 60 pages each and from looking at the previews, seem to have a good chunk of stock art, which adds up


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  1. Howdy--
    We agree with you!! We are a couple of new guys and as such prone to some mistakes.....we have reduced our prices, 7$ for The Willowmere Vagabonds and $6.66 for Nevermore Mines, but indeed, both are packed with art...we love art! We also are in agreement that approximately 60 pages of dealing with bandits in a forest might be pretty boring so....expect some twists, then turns...and maybe death.

    True horror fans might be disappointed in Nevermore Mines if they are looking for just horror. It has more of a Halloween flair, with typical Halloween type monsters. Although, my beloved character did die from fright...

    Finally, the only thing we may disagree with you about is us looking like Ferrengi....err *looks at business partner more closely* well, you may have a point...
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    --The Merciless Merchants