Sunday, June 4, 2017

John Turcotte's Mistress of the Ghost City is now available

I have a tendency to overlook Dragonfoot's modules since I shy away from Dragonsfoot, as like most OSR forums, they are kinda toxic to anything not "their" edition and are remarkably rude to past designers, TSR and other. (Frank Mentzer and that guy who originally made the thief class most notably).

Still it's mostly on a few members that are bad, and they do produce some nice stuff, a good fanzine, and a host of adventure modules, their last being John Turcotte's (aka Gnarley Bones) Mistress of Ghost City, the 4th and final module in his Her Dark Majesty series.

The other 3 being Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep, Beneath Black Towen (not a typo for Tower), and Stormcrows Gather (Not a typo for Stormcow, sadly.)

All worth checking out, but this looks like the best. Also took a long time to come out to due various problems that always seem to come up when you are putting out a module.


  1. Not sure what you mean "rude" to past designers. They have entire sections devoted to them. There are certainly the internet trolls out there but no more so than anywhere else on the net and they tend to be dealt with.

    DF is the single best source for AD&D IMO.

  2. They also support more than just 1st edition AD&D, so yeah... I'm not sure where your getting your information. But still, thanks for the heads up on the module. :-)