Thursday, May 14, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG—May 14th, 2015

Fairly busy this week, with some third party White Star stuff and even a computer game!



City of the Lich - This is an expansion to Ryubix Manor, which I never got around to getting (well, waiting for a sale that never came, $5 is my limit on adventures). 40 pages, $6.99

Gobs o Trouble - Short goblin themed adventure from Three Sages Games, meant for Swords & Wizardry and scalable. 8 pages, $1

Gods of Air and Water - A 1st level adventure for White Star. 14 pages, $1

Metamorphosis Alpha - The Long Hard Mile - Short solo adventure by Jim Ward. 16 pages, $5.99 

Star Temple of Saturngalia - This is a short adventure for White Star. 6 pages, $1

Tranzar's Redoubt - A wizard's lair based dungeon for Labyrinth Lord, levels 4th to 6th. 44 pages, $1.99


Additional Racial Classes for Basic And Expert Style Games - That's a long but very descriptive name. One of the downsides of race as class is that you need a different racial class for every archetype. B/X and BECMI eventually filled these in via the Gazetteer series, but I don't think LL has that, and they are scattered through several costly books. This though has it all in one place, $2 and 22 pages.

Elven Dervish - new LL/ACKS class. $1.49

Elven Shadowmage - new LL/ACKS class. $1.49

Outer Space Raiders Volume 1: Classes - This contains even more classes for Barrel Rider's "White Box" in space game, White Star. $1.49, 20 pages.

The Space Monkey Player Character -  A new, monkey based class for White Star. Pay What You Want. Ook.

Wild Elven Ranger - new LL/ACKS class. $1.49. Ook ook.


Old School Computer Game - This is a game written in Java based on the Dark Dungeons (and thus BECM) rules. $1. Looks like the games from SSI before the Gold Box AD&D games.

Osd Tiles: Ice Caves - Geomorphs of icy caves. 22 pages, $6

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