Thursday, May 7, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG—May 7th, 2015

One of the things about getting old, is that only you get physically older, so do your parents. I've had to work on my father's garden, since he can't really anymore (he's almost 80) and I'm worn out. I nearly fell asleep at my keyboard typing this up...


Metamorphosis Alpha: The Level of the Lost -  New adventure from Michael Curtis. 20 pages, $5.99 (on sale for 15% off due to it being Sci-Fi month). At those prices, I can see why he's not working on Stonehell Dungeon 2...

Midnight Oliviah -  This OSRIC/1E adventure is from Lloyd Metcalf who did the art on something or other (I think Lesser Gnome's stuff?) and has the PCs working to guard an auction (I think there was a Dungeon adventure about that). 28 pages (single column), $4.

The Children of Blackweb Bog -  Another OSRIC/1E adventure from Lloyd Metcalf, this one is for character levels 3-5 and has the party saving a small town from an evil bog. 30 pages, $4


Beyond the Wall - The Elders - This is a free supplement on playing The Elders in the Beyond the Walls rules. Which in this case is not monstrous alien beings from Beyond, but older people, as the core game has a focus on playing young adult characters. Free! 28 pages. 

Divinities and Cults -  This is a Labyrinth Lord supplement from OSRDAN games (new company?) detailing 15 new gods and 4 demon lords.  Rather pricy at $10 and 51 pages, it also seems to justify that cost with a fancy (and presumably custom) cover. Edit: They have a website with more info

Goldenrod Guide: A Guide to Swords & Wizardry Combat - More options for use with Swords & Wizardry. But if you find having more than one saving throw too complicated, do you really want more combat options?  (I just don't understand Sword & Wizardry fans). 18 pages, $2.99.

White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying - I don't get what is "White Box" about it, seeing as it has 7 classes, but I'm sure it's a pretty decent SF game, given that Barrel Rider puts out quality stuff. $9.99, 132 pages


Dungeons in Blue Triple Pack - Classic style maps, $8.79

L’œuf du dragon  #2  - This is a French fanzine, apparently. Seems to have some AD&D content. PWYW

L’œuf du dragon  #5 -  Another inssue of a French fanzine. Seems to have an AD&D adventure and a new class. Pay What You Want.

The Manor, Issue #8 - OSR(ish) fanzine. 26 pages, $2.50.

The Undercroft Bundle - The first 4 issues of the Undercroft, a fanzine devoted to Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  $10, compared to each issue price of $3.79, so you save $5.16...

The Undercroft Issue #5 - A new issue of the LotFP fanzine. 32 pages, $3.79

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