Thursday, May 28, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG—May 28th, 2015

Fairly busy week, looks like the White Star stuff is tapering off


FS11 - Wedding Days -  This week's Adventures in Filbar product is back to being old school. 20 pages, $3

The Day the Moon Ran Away with the Spoon -  A new adventure from the Gagmen. While their modules are for Basic Fantasy RPG, they often have non-fantasy themes. This seems like a space opera type module so probably worth a look if you are a White Star fan. PWYW.

The Massive Mushroom Missive - Short encounter from The Frugal GM. PWYW

The Witch of the Tarriswoods - This is a generic OSR adventure that includes pregens, has a home base town, new monsters,  and maps for virtual table tops. $2.49 and 24 pages


Blades of Myth and Lore - This is a collection of magical swords for old school RPGs, including som from real world legends and mythology. 37 pages, $2

Hyperspace Messanger 02: Robots - Another White Star product. Hopefully the rules including dancing robots. Bida-bida-bida. 16 pages, $1.

Mead & Mayhem Booklet Edition - This is a supplement for running bar fights. Warning: requires a d30. $1.79, 30 pages.

Star Sailors: The Magical Girl Supplement for White Star - Because nothing says White Box like Magical Girls. $1.99, 9 pages


Black Box Books - Tome Six: Fomorians and Faith -  Mini setting for Swords & Wizardry White Box. 99 cents, 16 pages.

Metamorphosis Alpha: GM's Screen -  Not sure how a PDF of a screen works, seems what you pay for in a screen is the cardboard bits. Anyway. $5.99

PM2 Basic Monster Set 1 - This is a set of printable figures for old school (basic) monsters. $5

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