Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Folio #2: The Lair of the Yellow Teeth on Kickstarter

The first in the series, Beneath Roslof Keep showed up on RPGNow the other week. I had thought the first Kickstarter covered the second module as well, but apparently not, as they are running another Kickstarter for that one.

I should have a review of the first one shortly. Basically it's not terrible, but it's got some weird conditions (the PCs need a special banner to explore the dungeon) and it's rather constrained (have to clear every room on the first level to visit the second) and is rather short (basically only 20 rooms).

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  1. The first kickstarter discussed additional Folios, but they were set as stretch goals funding wise. The goals weren't met.

    I had similar reactions to you. They're not really modules but rather extensions to the same one, in a sort of megadungeon style released piecemeal.

    So far, the scope of all 5 looks like it would be much smaller than say barrowmaze, stonehell, or archmage's castle. That could suit someone's preferences, I suppose.