Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yoon-Suin now available in print from Lulu

Don't have it yet, but it's on my "to buy" list, but the recently released Yoon-Suin is now available in print form from Lulu. Only $20 or so, pretty good price, too.

Yoon-Suin is a campaign toolbox for fantasy games, giving you the equipment necessary to run a sandbox campaign in your own Yoon-Suin - a region of high adventure shrouded in ancient mysteries, opium smoke, great luxury and opulent cruelty. Contains: A bestiary of unique monsters, including self-mummified monks, liquid golems, tiger-beetle men, figments, and dozens more; a new character class, the Crab-man; a chapter for each of the major regions of Yoon-Suin, filled with random generators to brainstorm map contents, social groups, and more; extended rules for poisons, tea, opium, trade, deities and so on; extended rules for exploring the Old Town of the Yellow City, and the haunted jungles of Lahag; many encounter tables; well over 100 pre-written adventure locales; purple prose; 320+ pages of usefulness

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