Saturday, October 28, 2017

Updated Version of Engines & Empires

Engines & Empires was a rules addition and setting for Labyrinth Lord, basically a steampunk/Victorian era game by John Higgins.

It's still the latter, but apparently now it's a stand alone game, with the setting separate. The PDFs are free (from Lulu) and reasonbly priced hard copies are also available

I have not looked at the new version yet (and won't get a chance until Monday night, likely), but the old version was exceptionally well done and this should be a must download.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — October 24th, 2017

Bad time to come back, what with the Frank Menzter stuff and the Frog God Guy stuff going on.

But on the bright side, it's also a busy week, lots of interesting OSR products, particularly adventures.


Guess they finished releasing everything?


Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin -  Seems like Jon Brazer Enterprises is publishing Swords & Wizardry modules now (they did a lot of Pathfinder and 5e stuff).  This one is for 6th level PCs and has them pitted against a black dragon and a ruined temple. Sounds good until the price tag, $10 for 34 pages.

Dungeon Full of Monsters -  From Red Box Vancouver comes this large dungeon. I'm not sure it qualifies as "mega" as it's 5 levels, but each level has 5 sections, so I shouldn't quibble, I guess. And it's 352 pages. Only $15, which seems like a very good deal (hard covers are pricier, but what you'd expect)

Eructation of the Goblin Troll -  No, he's not happy to see you, he just is burping. A mid level LL adventure from Unbalanced Die Games. 35 pages, $3.50

Fever Swamp - .Swamp hex crawl for LotFP. $7.99 and 32 pages.

Wrath of Grapes -  There's trouble brewing at the winery. Well, fermenting. This is a mini-adventure from Creation's Edge for 4th to 6th level characters. $1.50, 13 pages.


Microlight81  Complete Digest  Epub - E-book format for e-readers (as opposed to tablets and PDF) the excellent game. $7.50 and 382

Sabres & Sorcery - Seems to be inspired by Sabres & Witchery, which was sort of a Solomon Kane styled game, though this seems to have more traditional fantasy races as well. $7 and 170 pages.

Space Age Sorcery 1.5 -  This is non-fantasy spells for D&D style games. Free, 29 pages


Castle Oldskull: 1000 Rooms of Chaos -  Thankfully Rob Zombie had nothing to do with this. But it's another random table product. $2.99 and 63 pages.

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 10-20-17 - Looks like a combination temple and cave complex. $1 for enhanced version.

RPGPundit Presents #4 - Hipster Elves -  The 4th in his series of comedy products, though at $2.99 and 10 pages< I think the joke is on the buyer.

Weird Zone - After Richard Tucholka's death Tri-Tac products are showing up on DTRPG/RPGNow instead of just being sold on cd-rom from their website. But they are a bit overpriced. This systemless game premise seems to have the PCs as dimension travelers in a starship. It's $17.95 and 38 pages

Monday, October 23, 2017

800 1930s-1950s Fanzines online at the University of Iowa's digital library

Hopefully someday we will see this for RPG related 'zines. But until then, this is still pretty cool, this is how nerds argued before the internet

( BTW I've finally settled in at my new part time job (working weekends) and probably will start posting regularly again soon.)