Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Witches of Hagswallow Review — Solid Adventure with no Witches or Swallowing Hags

Despite the name, The Witches of Hagswallow deals is not about witches or former porn stars. On the surface it's a fairly simple adventure meant for 3rd level characters involving a rescue of townsfolk from a harpy's lair in a tower, but there is a much more, a sinister secret below. Or at least a fair sized dungeon devoted to the ghoul led cult of a Great Old One.

It's written for the author's Sword & Wizardry based game Battleaxes & Beasties, which I do not own. From looking at the large list of pregenerated characters it seems to be quite a bit more high powered, with magic-users (called wizards) having a more spells and at will cantrips and fighter type characters doing a lot more damage, generally 2d6 or 2d8 with their primary weapon, plus a bonus. Sadly, it keeps the worst part of S&W, the single saving throw. Regardless, the system doesn't really show up much in the module and can be used as is with virtually any other OSR game or old school version of D&D.  At worst there are some differently named spells, but they are obvious

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — December 19th, 2017

Slow week, at least product wise. But I have to work extra at my part time job because it's in retail, so good timing for it, I guess.


CA1 Calidar Dreams of Aerie -Not strictly an OSR product as I think it's statless, but it's by Bruce Heard of Princess Ark/Mystara fame and is about a literal flying circus. $14.95 for the 132 page PDF, also print versions


RPGPundit Presents $12: 2 More Medieval Grimoires.  -  If nothing else, his titles are descriptive.  8 pages, 99 cents


Art of Nod 3 - One of the more impressive things about John Stater's Nod 'zine, besides the 33 issues, is that it often has original artwork (which ain't cheap). But now you can get that art for your products at a much cheaper price, $3 for 11 pieces.

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 12-15-2017 -  Oooh, very classic looking dungeon. Well, not classic classic, but AD&D era classic. $1 for enhanced version

Village Map 007 - A rarity, an actual village that looks like what a fantasy village might really look like, with a defensive motte and bailey. Released as  PWYW in honor of Paratime Design.'s page getting 1000 facebook likes.

New and Free Module from Guy Fullerton

From the author of the two modules, F1 The Fane of the Poisoned Prophecies and F3 Many Gates of the Gann (still no F2) comes The Hyqueous Vaults, available from Lulu

The Hyqueous Vaults is a site-based dungeon with water and necromancy themes, some tricky/puzzling situations, and plenty of opportunity for combat.
 A challenging and lucrative module for 6-8 characters, averaging 3rd level. A centuries-old map leads to a mysterious cliffside complex, rumored to be flooded, and supposedly holding a dead necromancer’s fortune. Sages believe the arm-length metal implement accompanying the map must be some sort of key. The complex stands ripe for exploration by a party sufficiently strong and sneaky to wrest any treasures from the depths

Apparently written in honor of the 10th anniversary of OSRIC, which is a bit odd since this two modules were notable in eschewing the use of the OGL and so advertising as being used for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  But very nice of him, regardless.

D&D Movie arrives in 2021

July 23, 2021, that is. Or so says Deadline Hollywood

Dungeons & Dragons will open on July 23, 2021. New Line made a go at a feature version of the popular 1970s/1980s role-playing game 17 years ago making only $33.8M. There was also a Saturday morning CBS animated TV series which ran for 27 episodes from 1983-1985. Currently, it’s the only title on the calendar on that date.
Amusingly, I got into a heated (but good natured) argument at work last week with a late 20s co-worker and D&D player who claimed D&D was never mainstream until 3rd edition...

No word if it will be set under the sea

Thursday, December 14, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — December 14th, 2017

Meant to do it last night, but got caught up in a Doctor Who marathon, watching all of the Leela 4th Doctor episodes.  She probably has the highest body count of any companion, killing probably 3-4 people (or aliens) an episode.


A Ring for the King -  Another Creation's Edge mini-dungeon for levels 6-8.  12 pages, $1.50

Cavern of the Fish Folk -  Low level (1-3) adventure involving Kuo-Toa.  A bit pricey at $4.95 and 14 pages, but apparently it's illustrated by the author, Casey Hoekstra

SO5 Krampusnacht -  If there is any Christmas related thing beaten into the ground more than The Last Christmas in recent years, it's the Krampus. This case it's a level 2-4 adventure for OSRIC. 16 pages, $3.50


Lion & Dragon -  Another probably pretentious pseudo medieval OSR game from the RPGPundit. I liked his Arrows of Indra but Dark Albion was snooze inducing.  130 pages, $9.50


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 12-08-17 -  Looks like another underground lake and cave complex. $1 for enhanced version.

RPG Pundit Presents #11: Crazy Wizards = Seems to be a rogues gallery of wizards inspired by real world ones. $1.99 and 11 pages

Seven Years of Fantasy Weather Volume 3: Indea -  104 pages of weather. I'm sure there are worse ways to spend $7, but I'd be hard pressed to name one, except maybe a meal at Arby's. And even they have good curly fries.

The Manor, Issues #9 - Another issues of the OSR 'zine from Tim Shorts.  28 pages, $2.50

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pacesetter Games & Simulations having a Holiday Miniature Sale

Not the Goblinoid Games guy, but the other one. Part of me hates to mention it, as they apparently have some problems actually delivering orders in a timely manner and I'm not sure they finished that Kickstarter from a couple years ago, but still their first bundle contains six figures for $20:  Two hellhounds, a night hag, glacial demon (ice?), horned, and a erinyes. Also a chance at Orcus.

Unpainted, but still, they look pretty good.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sleeping Griffon having a 50% off sale at RPGNow/DTRPG

They have a couple of OSR products, most notably Battleaxes & Beasties, a retro clone, and their adventure for it, Witches of Hagswallow  (Only 49 cents). It seems S&W based so pretty easy to use in other stuff.

They also have a small series of adventure locations which are more generic D&D (actually OSR and 5E) but interesting. Now only 75 cents each.

All include VTT maps.

"Blue Foil" edition of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea now available...

I have no idea what "blue foil" means, I guess it's maybe some sort of comic book deal to go in with the comic-book-ification of AS&SH

Only $99.99.

I'd rather have the money and that's something who mostly likes AS&SH.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — December 6th, 2017

Seems like everyone and their elderly aunt has come out with a 'zine this week.

Somewhat interestingly, Cubicle 7 has posted the 1st Edition Warhammer rulebook for $9.99, complete with color plates (or colour).


Grave of the Heartless -  LL adventure involving a plane near the netherworld, 17 pages, $2.45

Of Beasts and Men -  The Merciless Merchants are back with another 2e/For Gold & Glory adventure for levels 3-6 involving a treasure map in a wilderness location.  49 pages, $2.99


Monsterarium -  Monsters from Knight Owl Games who have done a handful of pretty solid products. 28 pages, $3.50


Black Dogs Vol1 -  From a new face comes this 44 page zine for LotFP. 44 pages and PWYW.

Cavalier Attitude Issue 2 -  For OSRIC from the high priced Starry Knight press. $1.99 for 11 pages.

Fantasy Ark Pack (High Quality) -  14 high quality images usable as stock art. PWYW. Definitely check this out.

Friday Freebie 12-1-17 - Looks like an underground lake and its environs. $1 for enhanced version.

Megadungeon #1 -  Not sure if this is for OSR or 5e, but seems like a generic zine either way. 38 pages, $5.99

Nod 33 - John Stater's remarkable zine continues revisiting Cush. $3.39 and 108 pages

RPGPundit Presents #10: The Kitchen Sink - His comedy 'zine continues, this time about dungeon plumbing.  7 pages, 99 cents.

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Inadvertent Wizard Review — Great Back Story, Okay Adventure

The Inadvertent Wizard is a short adventure by Richard Kropp ("Coach K"), currently costing $3.50 in PDF and running about 20 pages. The title refers to a troll who has come across a variant magic item, a helm that lets the user not only read languages, but use scrolls (albeit only 1st level). He uses his new found powers to terrorize, or at least mildly irritate, the locals of a swamp or bayou. Presumably the PCs will put an end to his reign of irritation by killing him, which involves a short wilderness journey and small dungeon crawl.

It's meant for 4th to 5th level characters and includes stats for the three main flavors of OSR: 0e, 1e, and B/X. I think that level range is probably a bit too high, 3rd to 4th is probably closer to the mark, at least for 1e. There's basically one possibly difficult fight, with the troll, or more specifically, his pet, a giant alligator gar with 8 hit dice, doing 4-20 damage and the ability to swallow a character whole.