Friday, November 27, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — November 26th, 2020

This is the first Thanksgiving in years that I have not worked. Kinda strange.


A Misplaced Prince -  Featuring "piranhakeets", which I think are from the Flintstones. $1

Dread Swamp of the Banshee - Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #7, this seems less gonzo and lower level than previous entries, for 1E/OSRIC levels 4 to 8. 48 pages, $10

SOS1 The Old School -  Looks like Starry Knight is back doing OSR adventures after flirting with 5e. This is for 1E/OSRIC levels 4 to 6, and he's keeping his usual high (but not Frog God insanely high) prices at $4.99 for 22 pages.

The Temple of Bathymrala - Another detailed hex crawl/site based adventure in the ongoing series from Third Kingdom Games. At this point I have to think that Todd Lebeck has taken over the title of Hex Crawl King from John Stater.  39 pages, $3.96


 Aquilae: Bestiary of the Realm Volume 2 -  This is the second volume of all the Pathfinder monsters converted to OSR. The first and a bundle of the two volumes were available last time. 839 pages, $25

Elf OSR Class - Really for White Box. $1

OSR Social Status System - While I approve of Gary Gygax changing his mind about magical elfin chainmail, and raising level limits for demihumans (especially half-elves), I disagree his inclusion of social status in UA, However, I guess some people like it. 8 pages, $1


Engines & Empires Character Sheets -  For the excellent Steampunk-ish OSR game, Free

Friday Enhanced Map 11-20-20 - Connects to the previous 5 weeks maps for a super big level. $2

Friday, November 13, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — November 12th, 2020

 It's been a while, but I had a pretty good reason...I got COVID.  Working retail, it was pretty much inevitable (we had an outbreak at the store, about a dozen people), but I am glad I got it when I did. I was only really sick for a week, 4 days of being really sick, 3 days of sorta sick.

Also I had a hard drive crash (or die). I didn't lose any of my writing, but did lose all the maps and art I had collected. I'm not sure which is worse, having no backup or having a backup that you can't find (It was on a tiny USB stick).


The Book of Regency -  I did not really like 2E, but I did like the Birthright setting, which let players rules countries. This was never released as a print product, but as a free one when the line was killed and includes more rules and such for rulers.  Amazingly the description on the page is shorter than the offensive content disclaimer...(and it's from the late 90s, so it can't be that offensive, can it?)

Wrath of the Immortals - For some reason, this is free. It's the revised Immortal rules for BECMI and contains a campaign adventure that kinda illustrates that the author didn't play by the BECMI rules. 234 pages.


Hall of the Rainbow Mage -  Pretty sure this vaguely described adventure from Frog God was originally a 3e adventure from the latter days of Necromancer Games. 58 pages,  $12.50

Thief King's Vault -  $10 for a 20 page adventure might make you wonder just how the real thief king (Frog God) is...but I don't think this is a 3E conversion, at least.

The Beloved Underbelly - Low level adventure with artsy illustrations. $5, 24 pages.

 The Grey Citadel -  This was one of my favorites from Necromancer back in the 3e era, now updated to S&W. Not really a sandbox, more a urban detective plot. 100 pages, $19


Aquilae: Bestiary of the Realm: The Bookshelf -  This is actually two books, apparently every monster published for Pathfinder (aka 3.75) converted to OSR format. I did this with my Found Folio, but only did about 200 monsters that I liked the most. So I'm impressed with this. 1660 pages and $50

(If Frog God had done this, it would have been almost a $1000)

Aqualie: Bestiary of the Realm Volume One - Just the first book of above. $25 and 839 pages

Necromancer Class -  From James Mishler comes this new class for LL (and B/X). Seems like it also branches out into demonology.  $1.25, 15 pages

Starship Construction Manual for S&S 2e (2020 Update) - Pretty much what the title says. $5 and 44 pages.


Friday Enhanced Map 11-06-20 - Part of a multi-page cavern. $2

Pit Zine Issue #1 - New zine. 41 pages, PWYW