Monday, August 29, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — August 29th, 2016

Hmmm, fairly busy week. Some adventures, some sourcebooks, some new rules.


DDA1 - Arena of Thaytis -  Basic adventure set in the Roman like country of the Known World (more later Rome). $4.99, 32 pages.

DM Options - High Level Campaigns -  One of the so called 2.5E books, these made the game more complicated, arguably more than 3e. 192 pages and $9.99

H3 Bloodstone Wars -  Crazy high level adventure. 39 pages, $4.99


The Cursed Fountain - Looks like it's the start of a new series of mini-modules from Creation's Edge Games for S&W. For levels 1-3 and 10 pages. $1.50

The Howling Mines of Khegek - Low level adventure for the Holmes inspired game Mazes & Perils. 21 pages, $3.99 

Waybury U - Free system agnostic adventure (though seems to assume character classes, so D&D)


Crying Blades Volume 1 -  Claims to be OSR anyway, not sure of the specific differences from other games. 130 pages, $2.50

Divinities & Cults: Vol 2 - For Labyrinth Lord comes this clerical sourcebook on playing clerics of various Celtic and Roman deities, along with modified casting rules. 53 pages, $4.99

I'm not an expert, but since discovering I'm part Irish I've read a whole lot on Celtic folklore (which I always had an interest in) and they had a lot of gods. Mostly local ones. The ones in this book seem Irish.

Unknown Gods 2016 - The classic supplement is back, apparently now converted to their almost incomprehensible universal rules. $7, 78 pages.


Hydra Sampler -  The good thing about serving hydra at parties is you never run out.  PWYW sample of the Hydra Collective's stuff. 24 pages.

Some enhanced versions of freebie maps from Paratime Design - $1 each

Monday, August 22, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — August 22nd, 2016

Fall seems to be arriving early this year, with weather reaching the mid-50s. Hopefully that will be an uptick in products


DA4 The Duchy of Ten -  The last of the Blackmoor modules for BECMI (though there was supposedly a 5th in the works). $4.99, 48 pages and very, very small print

Thunder Rift -  This was  new starter location for use with the BECMI era basic D&D starter set. $4.99, 32 pages

X9 The Savage Coast - From the creator of Top Secret comes this Expert module that is mostly a hexcrawl. $4.99, 32 pages


Escape from the Astral Spellhold -  Seems to be a fairly system neutral short adventure for low level parties. Pay What You Want and 16 pages.


Rabbits and Rangers -  Back before furries there was a brief time where fantasy novels featuring intelligent animals were a thing (Spellsinger and the Greyfax Grimwald books come to mind). This product from J.V. West (who also is a good illustrator) has rules for that for Labyrinth Lord.  82 pages and an astonishingly small price of $2


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map - Another enhanced version of one of Paratime Design's freebies. $1

The Undercroft #10 - Fanzine for Lamentations of the Flame Princes. $4.57 and 36 pages.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mechanized Men of Mars Review

Mechanized Men of Mars is an adventure by Thomas Denmark for Warriors of the Red Planet, an OD&D inspired sword & planet game that I really liked. Unfortunately, Mechanized Men of Mars doesn't live up to that standard.

It sells for $2.99 at DTRPG/RPGNow and is a single column PDF of 32 pages. Seven of those pages are taken up with titles, credits, and legal stuff. Another five pages details the background of the adventure, though it can be summed up as basically a mad scientist who can turn people into machine soldiers has returned from the dead (sort of) and the PCs must stop him.

Monday, August 15, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — August 15th, 2016

It's been a bit slow this summer, especially in the adventure department, but this week brings 3 new ones.


D&D Immortals Set -  The original version of the Immortals. I have not seen this. I have the revised, Wrath of the Immortals myself. $4.99, 84 pages.

D&D Master Set -  The M in BECMI covers levels 27 to 36 I think. 96 pages, $4.99


Temple of the Ape God -  A new module from  some such Scandinavian country, (apparently they had put one out in July that I missed).  Seems to be generic OSR and for levels 2 to 4. 20 pages, $3

The Brigade - A Mazes and Perils Adventure - For the Holmes clone comes this 28 page adventure. Had new monsters (albeit old standard D&D monsters just new to M&P). $3.99

TG0: Depths of the Croaking Grotto -  Cut to the Chase has been pumping out fairly good sized modules regularly (Skull Tower and a series about Kobolds) and this is their latest, presumably the first in a new series. For S&W characters levels 3 to 5. 17 pages and PWYW



Romance of the Perilous Land -  Somewhat OSR rules set for playing in an Arthurian setting. PWYW and 50 pages. Seems to have quite a bit of stock art in it, so if you like it, might want to chip in (stock art adds up)

White Box Codex Adepts -  A compilation of lotheras.gaiden's classes. 26 of them for $9.99. 37 pages.


Friday Freebie Enhanced - August 12 - Enhanced version of one of Tim Hartin's freebie maps. $1. He really draws nice dungeons, not so much the art (which I do like) but the design of the dungeon itself.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Teazla's Free D&D Art Repository has a new address

Still at Google, they just changed it.

Doesn't look like anything new, but has a good selection of old (1900-ish) fantasy art and some Elmore portraits from his clip art cd that he graciously allowed to be distributed.

I've used both in my modules.

Monday, August 8, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — August 8th, 2016

Not a very busy week. A number of black hack stuff which I don't consider to be OSR (or very good, for that matter, mostly cash in shovelware)


Basic (Mentzer) D&D -  While perhaps not the best iteration of Basic D&D, it's also perhaps the easiest to learn. 96 pages, $4.99

Companion D&D - This is actually the only D&D (as opposed to AD&D) book I owned back in the day. Rules for levels 15-26, but more importantly/interstingly, rules for running a domain (which AD&D lacked). 96 pages, $4.99


Bows 1 - ( magic bows. 50 cents, 4 pages

Swords I -  9 magic swords. 99 cents, 4 pages.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

White Star is deal of the day at RPGNow/DTRPG

While I don't think it's particularly's a decent sketch of an OSR Sci-Fi game and is on sale for $4.99 at RPGNow and DTRPG

Machinations of the Space Princess is the best OSR Sci-Fi game IMHO, and Starships & Spacemen isn't bad, though I would give the nod to White Star over it.

Monday, August 1, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — July 2016

I know it's been a month, my internet was working only partially. I could not connect to Google or Yahoo or many other sites. I could connect to DTRPG, but not to Facebook which is how I log into DTRPG. And Blogger being run by Google flat out didn't work.

Anyway, to catch up (As it's already long, I'm omitting some of the old school maps I normally cover, sorry)


A Hero's Tale -  Adventure anthology for 2e that I've never heard of. 64 pages, $4.99

A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords -  The last and worst of the Slave Lord modules, where it assumes the PCs lost at the end of A3 and like the villains in all spy movies, they didn't kill the PCs outright but gave them a chance to escape. Oh, and a volcano coincidentally decides to erupt. 28 pages, $4.99

AC10 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants - For Basic D&D comes this monster book. $4.99, 64 pages.

BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle -  Trying to cash in on the Fighting Fantasy craze, they came up with this from the author of Top Secret. Not a bad module, actually. $4.99, 32 pages.

MC4 Monstrous Compendium Dragonlance - 2e's monster system was cumbersome, but encyclopedic in a way that hasn't ever been really duplicated.  96 pages, $4.99

Vecna Reborn - The legendary evil Lich is back in Ravenloft 2e form.  64 pages, $4.99


Advanced Adventures #34: The Crocodile's Tear -  Another adventure in the long line of OSRIC/1E modules. Wilderness adventure for characters of 3rd to 6th level. 12 pages, $7

Adventure Most Fowl -  A starting adventure, the PCs must investigate the theft of some chickens.  48 pages, $2.99. Apparently already a copper seller (which is huge by OSR standards). Go figure. Memo to self - write more adventures about poultry - people like them a lot. (I guess that also explains RuneQuest)

King of Icefang Pass -  A Swords & Wizardry adventure from Creation's Edge Games for characters level 9 to 11. Apparently a new king has taken rulership over a mountain pass and merchants aren't happy.  11 pages, $1.50

KVG002 Shadows Grip -  A mini adventure for Labyrinth Lord, levels 2-3, apparently about a love affair between kobolds and goblins (koblins? gobolds?). 10 pages, $1

Oasis of Koessa - New adventure (or adventure location, really) from Geoffrey O. Dale, who did Inferno for Judges Guild. Uses his own rules but fairly OSR compatible. 55 pages, $3.99.

P1 Black Orc Down - From Pointy Pony Productions comes a PWYW module for BECM D&D. 13 pages.

Rise of the Soggith -  Another mini-adventure for S&W from Creation's Edge Games, also for levels 9 to 11. About piranha men. 11 pages, $1.50

The Folio #8 - First in a new trilogy. 32 pages, $5.99

The Folio #9 - Second in a new trilogy. For 3rd to 5th level characters. 36 pages, $5.99


Armors 1 - 9 magical suits of armor for S&W. 4 pages, 99 cents

Armors II -  9 magical suits of armor for S&W. 4 pages, 99 cents.

Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Rulebook -  Blood & Treasure is one of my favorite OSR games and the first one I really played. However, the more I played the more obvious some of the flaws were. I ended up making my own house rules to fix them, but hopefully this addresses them as well. 268 pages, $9.99

Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos -  The original Dark Albion was a very dry and dull re-imagining of the War of Roses as an OSR setting. Hopefully this livens things up. 92 pages, $7.50

Rock Star -  New class for White Star. I will be disappointed if one of the level titles isn't "Veteran Cosmic Rocker". 99 cents, 8 pages.

Shields 1 - 9 magical shields for use with S&W. 4 pages, 99 cents. Apparently duplicates the items in Ivory Relics

Tools of the Worldshapers - Large sourcebook on how to use White Star for all sorts of different Sci-Fi games.  116 pages, $6.99


Cartomancy 11; Hyperborea -  Nicely done map of Clark Ashton Smith's Hyperborea. $1

Civilian Starships - 6 new ships for Stars Without Number. 12 pages, $1.50

Old School Treasures, Level One - If you find rolling on a table too difficult to determine treasure, here's a set of cards to print out. $5.