Friday, January 31, 2020

Ragged Hollow Nightmare Review

Ragged Hollow Nightmare is a low level (1st to 4th level) starter adventure from Joseph Robert Lewis that comes in both an OSR and 5E version, separate downloads for the same purchase price of $5. Despite the separate PDF, it's pretty clear that it was originally written for 5e and converted to a generic OSR format. It's also written for his campaign setting, under the "Dungeon Age" brand that seems drawn from the real world more than the typical D&D fantasy world, including an allusion to Christina Rosetti's deservedly famous poem, Goblin Market.

The basic premise of the module is that an evil force has been accidentally unleashed inside the local Temple (the local clerics apparently not using the augury spell) which has caused a force field, or veil to surround the temple keeping the evil in. Unfortunately it also has trapped much of the townsfolk who were at a bingo game or something. The PCs want to get inside the temple to rescue the townsfolk, but they need to find a way to climb up and over the forcefield/veil (which is about 60 feet high).

Monday, January 27, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 27th, 2020

It always feels like there's 8 or 9 weeks in January, but only one more left, mercifully.

I'm actually working on a new review, for the module Ragged Hollow Nightmare. Hopefully I'll get back to doing one weekly now that Buster (my kitten) is calming down a bit.

Adventures & Settings

Castle of the Mad Archmage Expansion - Level Four South -  For the megadungeon of the same name. Pretty pricey expansion at that, 18 pages and $4.95

Kingdom of Luxania - Setting detail for Odysseys & Overlords, $1.25 and 9 pages.

SM03 Cityguide to the City of Karan -  When you enter, the guards ask to see your party manager.  It actually might at that, given it's for the Barnaynia setting from the Guild of Dunromin. PWYW and 70 pages.


Oldskull Game Expansions Book 1 - Character Creation -  Optional rules and tables, probably with very large font, 1 column, and giant spacing. 128 pages, $2.99


Friday Enhanced Map 1-24-20 -  Looks like a nexus of a dungeon. $2

Old West Campaign Settind Design Book -  Not sure what's so OSR about this, but eh, it's PWYW and 5 pages.

Project Oasis Poster Maps - This is print/PDF for a setting from Joseph Bloch for that Ape game from the Labyrinth Lord guy/ $7.95 for both.  Oook.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 20th, 2020

January is a month that never seems like it wants to end. Almost 3 weeks in and there's almost 2 weeks left of it.  It would be nicer if it were shorter and February would longer. Wouldn't make that much of a difference, but it would feel like spring is closer.

Adventures & Settings

An Easy Task -  Short 3rd to 5th level module/encounter for B/X. PWYW and 7 pages, but apparently meant to be printed out in a weird format. Do people even own printers anymore?

At the High Point Inn - OSR edition of a beginner level adventure. 14 pages, 50 cents

In the Pass -  Follow up to At the High Point Inn, this is 17 or so pages and 50 cents.

Flying Fortress of the Celestial Order -  PWYW generic adventure. 28 pages

Secrets of Gianthome - Mini-setting for the Odysseys & Overlords game.  $1.25, 10 pages

The Dwarven Glory -  Reprint of the very old Wee Warriors module. $4.95 and 34 pages.

When There's a Will -  City based generic OSR adventure from Raging Swan Press. $3.25 and 13 pages.


Basic/Expert Game Master Screen -  PWYW


Friday Enhanced Map 1-17-20 - Looks almost like part of the Death Star. $2

Thursday, January 16, 2020

"New" Wizardry Game now on PC

Wizardry was pretty much the first D&D based computer game, using most the mechanics and even featuring cartoons by the DMG guy, McClean (sp?). They were party based dungeon crawlers though by the time Wizardry 6 came along, they were more like the Might & Magic games.

Wizardry games pretty much died out in the West, both officially (the Wizardry brand and Sir Tech) and unofficially but they were kept alive in Japan all through the years.

This game dates from the PS3 era, but was ported and update a bit for a Western release on PC, at both Steam and Good Old Games.  Definitely Japanese, with the art, but they are more like the dungeon crawlers of Wizardry 1 to 3, than the later ones (and the sort of weird 4 and 5).

In any case, it's a budget release, $15, with a 10% discount at either site.

Monday, January 13, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 13th, 2020

Perhaps the highlight of the week, or last week (think I missed it), is Geoffrey McKinney's 78 level dungeon.

Adventures & Settings

Fear Factory V -  Sci-Fi adventure for Stars Without New, levels 2-4. 19 pages, $2.99

Mike's Dungeons -  The aforementioned 78 level dungeon, 158 pages, $3.90

The Centaur Borderlands - Setting detail for the Odysseys & Overlords settings. $1.25 and 17 pages.


Classic Cavern Maps - 75 old school cavern maps. $8

Friday Enhanced Map 1-10-20 - Looks a bit science fictiony. $2

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — January 6th, 2020

2020, the first year that really feels like the future when I see it written down.

Alas, the future really has been a let down, technology wise. But on the less side, it's much less apocalyptic than expected. No killer bees, no gas shortage


A Tomb to Plunder -  Short hack & slash adventures for B/X. 8 pages, PWYW (suggested $1)

Book of Lairs: Dungeons -  I always thought this sort of thing was more a 2e era thing, but eh, useful regardless. 48 pages, $3.29

Castle Rustlers - Adventure for the B/X (allegedly) Western Game Tale Talls. 6 pages, PWYW (suggest $1)

Captured and Sacrificed - 2 pages dungeon? $1

It's Gnoll Time - 10 page dungeon, $5. This and the 2 page/$1 dungeons are from Megan Irving, who did some of the more interesting modules for Odysseys & Overlords. 

The Inn of False Hope - Mini adventure for S&W White Box. 15 pages, $1 until the end of January.

Tomb of the Cursed Princess - Another 2 page dungeon? $1


ACKS and Crafts -  Cutely named third party sourcebook for ACKS that focuses on the crafting side of things, including what sounds like an adaption of the Pathfinder alchemist.  50 pages, $4.99

Eldritch Omens -  House rules for S&W. $3 and 16 pages.

Just Quests -  Very rules light OSR games that claims to work with any OSR adventure. 5 pages, free.


First Edition GM Screen of the Proletariat -  Er, okay. 7 pages, PWYW (suggested $4)

Friday Enhanced Map 1-3-20 -  This is an odd one that Freud would probably like. $2

Gazebo Gazette Issue 2 -  S&W fanzine. 15 pages, $1.29

Starships & Spacecraft 3 - Starships for Stars Without Number. $2.63, 10 pages.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Folio: Black Label #3 on IndieGoGo

I don't keep up on Kickstarters/IndieGoGos as much as I used to, but here's one for 1E/OSRIC.  The Folio Series from Art of the Genre wasn't very good, to be honest, being very railroady, not unlike the Dragonlance modules, but less creative.

The Black Label is a bit better, less story driven and more site based, but is mostly notable for featuring nudity in its art and is a bit more sword & socery-ish