Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Sale at DTRPG/RPGNow

33% off, pretty decent, not the 50% off at the Xmas/Xmas in July sale, but not bad, either.

Barrowmaze Complete (Megadungeon full of giant rats)
Calidar, In Stranger Skies - Bruce Heard's new world
Divinities and Cults - LL supplement
Gods of Wor - S&W supplement
Ivory Relics - S&W magic items
The Beast That Waits - One of the best sandbox adventures in the OSR. For S&W
The Complete Vivimancer - Sort of a really icky magic user
The Curse of Ravenmere - Adventure I remember nothing about.
The Nod Companion - Bunch of new classes for Blood & Treasure
Slumbering Ursine Dunes - "Point crawl", possibly involving sandy bears

Monday, October 26, 2015

New Kabuki Kaiser product, I think

 Castle Gargantua, $5 and 112 single column, big text pages. Presumably it's like his previous stuff, random tables. I presume it's new, because a) I never noticed it before and b) I just an email from DTRPG about it (since I bought his previous stuff), but on the other hand, it was last updated in May.

    Ride the beanstalk and crawl into the sprawling halls of Castle Gargantua. There awaits the most legendary of giants and the fiercest creatures known to man. Delve further than ever for the great doors of Castle Gargantua have swung open once again, and what lies ahead isn't for the faint-hearted.
    The biggest dungeon ever published by the OSR. A campaign, a massive generator, and a grotesque setting all-in-one.
    A bookmarked PDF & print edition compatible with everything Old School Renaissance

 His previous products, Mad Monks of Kwantoom and Ruins of the Undersomething (City?) were quite good, but convinced me that I really don't like random tables/randomly generated dungeons.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG — October 23rd, 2015

This is late because I've been chasing cats around for 2 hours. Sigh.


La Luna Rosso Sangue -  This is apparently an Italian translation of a module, Blood Moon Rising. $4.95 and 27 pages.


Blood Basic - Weird Fantasy Edition -  Blood & Treasure rules streamlined and meant for roleplaying in the style of Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany. 51 pages, $4.99

Classes of Fantasy: Troll - Rules for trollplaying. 50 cents, 1 page.

Old School Options: Familiars -  24 pages of rules on familiars. PWYW and it's a "Beta" edition.


City Map: Ancient Temple City Al-Zadinah - This is a city map for a Babylonian style city. Wonder if it has a shore. $4.99

Nod 27 - John Stater's e-zine continues . 82 pages, $4.99.

OSR Enemy and Mission Generator - Free, for White Star

Random Hat Table - Not really OSR, but possibly useful. $1

The Tekumel Sourcebook -  From the 1983 version of the game which I don't think was D&D based, but eh. 136 pages and a whopping $19.95. Apparently it's a scan of the original with very small print.

The White Star Catalog - Free catalog of various White Star products.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New level of Castle Triskelion available

The good people at & Magazine (and of course, the author of it, Tim Stypinski) have published a new level of the ongoing megadungeon, Castle Triskelion

This module features 67 encounter areas, plus new monsters such as the Jousting Wasp and Glutinous Gunge, as well as known monsters like the Talon Goblin and Cadaver Spiders.
Wait! You don’t know what the Jousting Wasp and Glutinous Gunge are???
Then you will have to download New Materials Volume II, which features 30+ new monsters, new magic items, new mundane items, and new information about currencies of the realms!

Check it out, it's all free (and good).

(hat tip to Darn I Zhaan for this)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG—October 15th, 2015

Some interesting stuff this week.


Come to Daddy - This large dark fantasy adventure comes in Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry versions. 86 pages and Pay What You Want.

Have Death Ray, Will Travel - Adventure setting for White Star that tries to emulate the feel of the 1940s-1950s interplanetary sci-fi (or scientifiction as they called it). 45 pages, $3.99


Creature Catalog Volume 1 -  12 new monsters from the Frugal GM. 12 pages, $1.99

Darker Pathes 3: The Demonolater -  This is essentially an Evil High Priest sub-class of cleric, those that serve demon/devil gods.  For 1e and presumably Adventures Dark & Deep. 15 pages, $4.25

Heroic Age of Tekumel - These are quick start rules for an upcoming Tekumel game. Sounds like it's closer to the original Empire of the Petal Throne rules which was like D&D, except ability scores were 1-100. Hefty for quick start rules at 79 pages and it's free. Check it out.

Uttin  - This is a new alien racial class for White Star. 7 pages, PWYW.


Dungeons in Blue Set F and Set E- Dungeon geomorphs. $3.49. Dude draws a lot of maps.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Free Adventure — The Tower of Horace Sharpcheeks

With a name like that, it must be good. Or silly. One of those.  Anyway, a free download over at the Simple D&D blog

There was a time when the wizard Horace Sharpcheeks overlooked the village of Cresthaven from atop his tower. That was until his tower exploded in a giant green fireball and Horace was never heard from again.
The owner of the Crossed Arms inn claims there is an entrance to a mysterious cavern system below the cellar spewing forth all types of monsters onto the once peaceful country side. The village elders also agree that it’s worth investigating the rumors and have put out a call to all adventurers to cleanse the site of the wizard’s tower and report back their findings. The one thing everyone can agree upon is that goblins have infested the ruins and they must go.

Friday, October 9, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG — October 9th, 2015

Woops, late again, a bit under the weather is my excuse. Something of a slow week.


The Day the Kobolds Ruled the World - Basic Fantasy RPG adventure from the Gagmen. PWYW, 13 pages.


Ghosts - The Incorporeal Undead -  This is a rather large (64 pages) supplement on ghosts for Labyrinth Lord from James Mishler. $6.66

Elven Wardancer, Divine Elven Nightblade, and  Divine Spellsword - New classes for Labyrinth Lord. $1.49 each.


1e World Style Map Icons -  For Hexographer. $9.95

Dungeons in Blue - Set D and Set E -  Geomorphs. $3.49 each.

Tangible Taverns: The Bull & The Bear , The Angelic Imp, and Tuffy's Good Time Palace- System neutral adventure location. $1.49 for the first and last, the middle, Angelic Imp is free.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Issue #23 of Footprints available...

Even though I visit Dragonsfoot every day, it's remarkable easy to miss stuff like this. Issue #23 of their e-zine, Footprints actually came out last week. I might have missed it, but 500+ people haven't. Always amazes me how high their download count is.

Anyway, this issues contains

Lycanthropes with Class (article)
The Slayer (class)
Centaurs! More Than Just Horsing Around (article)
No Bones About It (adventure)
Basic Equipage and Supplies: Costs and Encumbrances (article)
A Digest Alchemical (article)
Human and Halfling Character Background Tables (article)
B11a: Priest's Errand (adventure)
The Eye of Ishur (fiction)
Shards from the Workshop (creatures)
Undead Immunities (article)
Citadel of the Carrion-Eaters (adventure)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New OSR Products at DTRPG—October 1st, 2015

Hmmmm, I think DTRPG has done away with the OSR category. Mind you, things were often not labeled correctly so I had to check everything anyway, but I used to always scan it first. Oh well. Progress, I guess.


No Country for Weak Men (Swords & Wizardry edition) - I remember this had a Blood & Treasure release a long while ago. 26 pages, Pay What You Want.


Bloody Basic -  Classic Edition - Like Blood & Treasure only smaller. 40 pages, $4.99

Bloody Basic -  Mother Goose Edition - Like Blood & Treasure only smaller and focused on fairy tale adventures. 36 pages, $4.99

Bloody Basic Contemporary Edition -  Like Blood & Treasure only smaller and focused on, well, I'm not sure, it mentions automatons and gnomes (which I don't think are all that contemporary) and something called "drakken". At any rate, it's $4.99 and 41 pages.

Bloody Basic - Sinew & Steel Edition -  Like Blood & Treasure only smaller and focused on medieval games. 25 pages, $2.99

Enchanter Class - New class for Labyrinth Lord which simulates Prospero from The Tempest. 6 pages, PWYW.


Planetary Transmission Issue #2 - e-zine for White Star. 24 pages, $2.99

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51 - e-zine for Mutant Future (I think), this issue about mutated animals and plants. 26 pages, $2.99