Friday, June 26, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — June 25th, 2020

As if things weren't odd enough this year, we're about to get hit by a Saharan dust storm

Lots of adventures this week and seemingly nothing else.

Adventures & Settings

A Shadow Over the Greatwood -  Sandbox adventure from Rosethrone Games (always want to say Rosethorn) for 5th to 7th level S&W characters. 100 (!) pages, $3.99

Hexed Places - Green Caldera -  The burial ground of a dead mushroom god or something. $2.69 and 17 pages.

RPP Tamlane - Adventure from the Pundit for his Lion & Dragon game featuring the Wild Hunt and an Elven knight.  20 pages, $2.99

The Keep of the Troglodytes -  Another installment (the 8th, by my count) of the ongoing hexcrawl series from Third Kingdom Games. $2.95, 23 pages.

The Lounge Temple of Asavraki - Stoner comedy adventure. 6 pages. $1

The Mines of Yeblith-mau -  This is the first product from North Dragon Press and is a module for low level B/X (2 to 4). 24 pages, $4.99 and has a print version available as well (for $12)

The Throne of Skulls - Highish level OSRIC adventure from Joseph Mohr. PWYW

Valor in the Prison of Despair -  This is an adventure for the rather odd RPG Legend Quest that may or may not be statted for OSR games. Hard to tell. $4.99 and 76 pages.

Friday, June 19, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — June 18th, 2020

Really quiet week for some reason. Even that guy that uploads 100s of generic heraldry designs didn't do anything.

edit: And for the next ten hours, you can get the Eye of Beholder trilogy free at GOG

Adventures & Settings

Lands of Ub: Frelengian Heartlands: Badgershire Map -  Names like that are why they invented zip codes.  From James Mishler, PWYW

Valley of the Cracked Helm -  Gozno dwarven adventure, apparently. Oddly, it's 2 pages (or so the listing says) but 58 megabytes. That must be one high res map. $1.50


Friday Enhanced Map 6-12-20 - Another classic looking dungeon map, $2

Friday, June 12, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — June 11th, 2020

This has been the strangest year. And not in a good way, like the 70s or 80s.

Adventures & Settings

Dungeons Your Party Will Die For -  10 Mini adventures with conversion to OSR. 36 pages and $15. Strangely, the book is the same price as the PDF.

Isle of the Angry Apes - For S&W, 28 pages, $9.99

The Obsidian Keep - A low level 5e adventure converted to OSR about a ruined pirate fortress. Sounds kinda interesting despite its 5e origins. $3 and 35 pages.

Willow - Not about the Val Kilmer movie, but some sort of artsy mini-setting for S&W.  32 pages, $7


Trilemma Adventures Bestiary B/X -  These are B/X versions of monsters for a series of 1 page dungeons for 5e that released last year. I really hate 1 page dungeons (it's a cute idea, but puts too much work on the DM), but this might be useful, and if you don't hate 1 page dungeons, there's a bundle for both. This though is 150 pages and $8.95


Friday Enhanced Map 6-5-20 -  Perhaps the one constant in this world are Tim Hartin's dungeon maps. $2

Friday, June 5, 2020

New OSR products at DTRPG — June 4th, 2020

Yeah, missed the last couple weeks.  Already exhausting, work has been make much more difficult by having to wear a mask for the whole shift. And then the last week, having to barricade the store...

Don't seem to have missed too much, and that guy is still spamming the DTRPG store with generic heraldry images

Adventures & Settings

BX1 The screaming Temple -  Old Pacesetter (the newer one) module for Pacesetter's version of BX. 16 pages, $2

BX8 Ruins of the Red Moon - As above, adapting their old solo module to their BX rules. 48 pages, $2.50

City of Solstice: Evil Streets Home Invasion - Adventure for Charles Rice's City of Solstice, urban gritty fantasy setting for 1e (which is excellent by the way, need to finish my review of it). 15 pages, $2

S3 The Bandit's Bounty -  Creation's Edge mini adventure for 3rd to 5th level S&W characters about invading a bandit's fortress. $1.50, 15 pages

S4 Rangers of Arkwood - Creation's Edge mini adventure for 4th to 6th level S&W characters about missing rangers. 16 pages, $1.50

SG4 Tomb of the Dragon Lord -  2nd to 4th level adventure from Starry Knight, 42 pages and $7

The Deadwoods - Part of an ongoing hex crawl, $2.95, 23 pages.


BX RPG Player's Guide -  Didn't this come out a while ago? Or are there so many BX games I've lost my mind? But this is Pacesetter's take on BX which has advanced classes and things like the Necromancer as well.  $5 and 104 pages

BX RPG Dungeon Guide -  Companion to above. $5 and 112 pages.


Alarms & Journeys V1, No 5. - Why can't these things juts use normal numbering? Still, looks interesting and very old school with a Top Secret adventure (not sure if for the new one or old) and and interview with Merle Rasmussen, creator of said RPG, himself.  96 pages, $11.99

Friday Enhanced Map 5-29-20 - $2

Friday Enhanced Map 6-5-20 - This looks like it could be a cult dungeon. $2

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

5 Days Left in the Survive This! Fantasy Kickstarter

Although I don't think I ever got around to reviewing it, I am a fan of the Dark Places & Demogorgons game, basically a OSR based Strange Things inspired game of kids investigating weird stuff in the 1980s.  It's remarkably ugly in terms of presentation (DIY-ish), but it's well designed, taking things from basically all editions of D&D, not just the all too common house rules for S&W that we see.

Anyway, there's a fantasy version of the game on Kickstarter.