My Stuff

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My Retro Clone

Monsters Rules and Castles - My attempt at an OSR game, originally written for a contest. 


HS1 The Lost Shrine of Sirona - Small (2 pages) adventure I mostly made to test making adventures. For 5th to 9th level.

HS2 The Forsaken Burial Vaults - Mid-sized adventure (12 pages) set in a lost (mostly) crypt. For 6th to 10th level.

HS3 Incursion of the Chain Devils - A mid sized adventure about a temple being overrun by kytons.

HS4 The Forge of Ilmarinen - A mid sized adventure about an old temple

HS5 The Indomitable Domain of Terlath the Tenebrific -   A short adventure in the caves of a necromancer

YS1 The Outpost of the Outer Ones - Mid-sized (12 pages + extra material) dungeon crawl in a Mi-Go outpost. For 6th to 10th level.

New Classes

PC1 The Kineticist - Originally the Warlock, inspired by the 3e one. Renamed after the 5e srd was released which had its own warlock

PC2 The Exorcist - An anti-magic fighting class, inspired by a class from a MMORPG I played

PC3 The Witch Hunter -Another anti-magic class, this one more like Solomon Kane

PC4 The Dervish - Cleric variant, basically a cleric with monk AC and worse turn undead

PC5 The Tomb Robber - An attempt at a thief replacement, since thieves are not a well balanced class, especially single class ones.

PC6 The Android -  The first class I made that offers a lot of customization

PC7 The Templar - A holy warrior class for all sorts of different deities.

PC8 The Amazon Warrior - My take on the barbarian, essentially.

PC9 The Outlander - Not finished, this is a character from the real world that finds himself in a fantasy world

PC10 The Beguiler -A sleazy sort of assassin.

PC11 The Warlock -The 5th edition warlock backported, basically a magic-user type that gains its powers from making a pact with a deity or demon

PC12 The Rogue - A backport of the 3.75th edition rogue, designed to be a viable, single class thief type character

PC13 The Witch - This went through a lot of changes. Originally was like the 3rd edition sorcerer, but has a spell selection based on adjectives (fire, white, etc)

PC14 The Shadowdancer -A backport of the 3rd edition prestige class.

PC15 The Chymist -A backport of the 3.75 edition Alchemist. Name change because it's quite a bit different than traditional OSR alchemists.

PC16 The Balladeer - A do-gooder bard-cleric, inspired by the Silver John stories of Manly Wade Wellman.

PC17 The Puppeteer -A character with no real powers, except a legion of vicious puppets.

PCS1 The Shieldmaiden - A simple adaption of a 2nd edition kit into a class


Found Folio Vol 1.0  - 100+ monsters converted from 3e sources