Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adventures in the Eark Mark Lives!

Adventures in the East Mark being the English translation of a Spanish BECM D&D (no I as far as I know, but based on Mentzer's version of the game)retro clone. It used the same model as BECM - Red Box for basic, Blue box for Expert and so forth and was funded by Kickstarter a couple years ago. However, for whatever reason, after shipping the Red Box, plans for the Blue Box were dropped (I would guess low sales).

But now it appears Stewart Wieck and his new company, Nocturnal Media, is stepping in to take over Adventures in the East Mark. He is probably best known for being part of White Wolf (Vampire the Masquerade) and recently bought the remnants of West End Games.

Potentially this is a big deal. The Spanish Adventures in East Mark products have really great production values and also quite a number of products, so we could be seeing a steady stream of high quality OSR material if things go right.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — April 24th, 2016

A couple of nice adventures this week


DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor -  For BECMI comes this Blackmoor module. Kind of disappointing, actually, but better than nothing. $4.99 64 pages

Eye of the Wyvern - This was one of the last old school D&D modules (in the broadest sense as in pre 3.0) and part of the "Fast Play" line meant for beginners,  48 pages, $4.99

WG5: Modenkainen's Fantastic Adventure - I think fantastic is stretching it a bit, but it's a decent high level dungeon crawl by Rob Kuntz. 32 pages, $4.99


Advanced Adventures #33: The Halls of Lidless Shabbath -  From the creator of OSRIC comes this 24 pages OSRIC module. A little pricey at $8, but usually the quality of the AA line is high (as long as it's not by Alphonso Warden).

PO-2 Goblin Market - High level adventure from QuasarDragon Games. Surprisingly gruesome and has a neat jaunt into the Abyss. PWYW and 58 pages.


Cheating Death -  Rule supplement for White Star about turning near dead characters into not so dead ones, I guess like Steve Austin. 17 pages, $1.99


The Temple of Reincarnation - Nice map of a temple. PWYW

Thursday, April 21, 2016

QuasarDragon is back with Goblin Market, PWYW module

It's been a while (understandably, as modules can be a surprisingly large amount of work) but QuasarDragon is back with a new module, Goblin Market. It's the second in the PO series, which are based on famous poems. In this case, arguably one of the greatest poems ever, Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti.

It's one of those poems that tells a fairly interesting story in its own right and can be interpreted pretty much any way you want to.

So check it out, it's PWYW, and if you like it, go back and donate. And pick up his Tome of Twisted Terrors, a monster book containing various creatures from folklore, a bargain at $2.

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Advanced Adventures! — #33 The Halls of Lidless Shabbath

The pace of Advanced Adventures releases have slowed down to a crawl, but still, as my favorite OSR line, it's always great to see a new entry in the line of 1e/OSRIC modules.

This one with a very good pedigree.. It's also a high level adventure, which I like.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 17th 2016

This has been a tiring week. Thankfully not too busy, then.


D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa -Kuo-Toa always creeped me out. 12 pages, $4.99

PC1 Tall Tales of the Week Folk - I always disliked the "race as class' stuff in B/X  and BECMI. However this I liked because it offered a viable way to play monsters, in this case, of the sylvan/faerie variety. 95 pages, $4.99


COA04: Guidebook to the Duchy of Valnwall - Print - The PDF of this sourcebook came out a while ago as PWYW, but you can now get it in print form for $14.99

Dungeons of Fel'Valashar -  PWYW adventure for S&W. 16 pages

Peaks and Valleys: Among the Dwarves - Mentioned this, but it's really good. Be sure to check it out. PWYW.

Shrine of the Harvest Goddess -  This is not an adventure, but just a location, and a system neutral one at that. But free and neat enough.

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil -  This is dual statted, supposedly with OSR stats, but often that doesn't work out. Still, it might be decent. It's for 4th to 6th level and is $9.99 for 34 pages. Huge file size though, so might have a lot of art.


Grimoires for OSRIC -  This appears to be more rules for making spells and spellbooks for OSRIC/1E. 14 pages, $3

The Dread Gazebo - I think everyone has heard the story about the gazebo (which I think is a bit misplaced, since if you read old pulp mags, "gazebo" was a slang term for a large criminal/thug), but here is a writeup and paper miniature for it. PWYW


Geomorphs Collections Caverns One - Need maps of caverns? I know I can't draw them, at least not digitally. $1.50

The Temple of Iron - Blank dungeon map. PWYW

Town Map 01 - Need a map of a town and the surrouding wilderness? Here's a very nice one from Time Hartin and Paratime Design. $3.99

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gaint Sandbox PWYW Adventure — Peaks and Valleys: Among the Dwarves now available

From someone new, Grinning Gargoyle Games, comes a massive adventure, Peaks and Valleys: Among the Dwarves

Peaks and Valleys is a system neutral OSR adventure from Grinning Gargoyle Games. It is centered on wilderness exploration, as the players search a remote mountain valley looking for clues pointing the way to an ancient treasure. Along the way they may hunt for long lost pieces of history, make a powerful friend of a reclusive king, or send him toppling off his throne. This adventure is suitable for 4-6 players of 1rst - 2nd level, and should take the party to levels 5 -6.
In addition to the adventure there is a wealth of optional setting information, making it easy to play Peaks and Valleys as either a one off adventure, or as the centerpiece to a whole campaign.
This module features:
  • A full length adventure that will take a party from 1st to 5th level.
  • 5 fully developed cities and villages, with random areas, extra plothooks, sidequests, and NPCs.
  • 29 wilderness areas, including over a dozen dungeons.
  • A completely optional overarching plot: use this module as an isolated piece of sandbox wilderness, or as a whole adventure.

 Pretty nifty, so give it a look and if you like it, go back and donate something.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — April 10th, 2016

Last week was pretty slow.  DTRPG/s product listing also seems to be a bit screwy, I think I might have missed a product or two from last week and there is one product that came out this week (I thought) but I can't seem to find it. Oh well.


A3 - Assault on the Aeries of the Slave Lords -This is one of my favorite modules. $4.99

Hollow World Campaign Setting - I love this setting, essentially it's a bunch of historical cultures (with their names slightly changed) slapped together. $9.99


Event Horizon -  Could it be? A non-shovelware product for White Star? Yes, it appears to be a reasonably professional adventure featuring maps by my favorite cartographer, Tim Hartin.  Seems to take a little inspiration from the movie of the same name, at least it's a SF horror adventure. 65 pages, $6.99

The Temple of Judgement -  One page, system neutral but old school looking adventure. PWYW.


East, West, and Yesterday Bundle -  This is a bundle of 3 Over the Top products, which is like a fantasy version of World War 1 (albeit set in the future) using the Labyrinth Lord rules.  $4.77

Hyperspace Messenger Compendium -  While I complain that White Star gets a lot of half-assed shovelware, this is better than most. 80 pages, $11.

Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery 2e -  PWYW version of the Microlite74 rules tuned for Swords & Sorcery style games.

Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery 2e Epub - Like above, but formated for Epub (ie, e-reader) and not free, presumably because it's a hell of a lot of effort doing layout for epub versions. $6.99

Over the Top: The Eastern Front - This is the most recent product of the Over the Top line (which I just explained above). $3.50 and 14 pages


Adventure Islands Hexmaps - Hexmaps of several islands. Add your own encounters. $1.99

Monday, April 4, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — April 3rd, 2016

Not a very busy week. Nothing at all, unless you count DCC stuff and I don't (because it deliberately tries not to be old school D&D to the point of having different ability score names)


Sword & Planet - A Campaign Guide - Free system neutral guide

Also some new Dungeons in Blue geomorphs, but I'm not in the mood to list them all since I have a headache