Thursday, March 31, 2016

Baldur's Gate new expansion available April 1st

While I never really played any of these games very far because I am terrible at real time combat, even passable, Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II have been extremely popular to this day.

So much so, that they had remastered version with new content, and now that remastered version gets a new expansion pack releasing tomorrow (or maybe later tonight).

While it's for the 2nd edition rules (not my favorite), it's still great to see AD&D games being made.

Has a new class, the Shaman. I think there was a shaman in one of the 2e splatbooks, dunno if it uses that or is completely new.

edit: It's up on Steam

Sunday, March 27, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — March 27th, 2016

Last week was surprisingly busy. Not quite so much this week, but still some good stuff.

Also, while I was never a fan of RuneQuest, they put up one of the first adventures for it, Apple Lane


BF1 Tower of Skulls -  This is a high level (10th-12th) Swords & Wizardry adventure, the first in a series.  Seems to be a fairly interesting dungeon crawl based on the blurb. 48 pages, $6
inside this insidious site are the pits and perils of the imprisoned Demon Lord of Graveyards, where you will find among its rooms and levels ...

... a frost giant zombie covered in brown mold ready to strike down intruders ...
... bone golems ready to tip hanging cauldrons of dangerous liquid onto opponents ...
... a domed chamber filled with blowing snow, yetis, and an undead druid ...
... a garden of unusually magical and potent berries guarded by shambling graveyards ...
... a titanic mushroom beneath which dance demonic mushroom men spreading their vile disease ..

Redmark Adventures Volume 1: Varria - This is not a PDF, but a print product. $25 for a 40 pages. Has 10 2 page adventures and other stuff.


Beyond the Wall - Heroes Young and Old -  More character options for one of the best OSR games. PWYW
 Leprechauns for Basic Era Games -  For B/X and its ilk. I think there was one of these in PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk. But it's PWYW.

Leprechauns - Like above, but meant specifically for The Hero's Journey game. PWYW

Microlite75 Extended - PWYW

The Black Hack -  19 pages, $2

The Druid for Delving Deeper and OSR Games -  One of the things I've never understood about White Box and its brethern like Delving Deeper is why play it if you are going to add in all the other non-White Box stuff, like Greyhawk/Blackmoor? Just use Greyhawk/Blackmoor. But if you do understand that, here you go. 8 pages, PWYW


Dyson's Cartographic Bundle - I've never liked his mapping style, I've found it very hard to use in games. But if you do, here you go. $20 for a ton of his stuff.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — March 20th, 2016

Busy, busy week.

Not quite OSR to my mind, but close: Kenzer released some new Hackmaster modules.


Cults of the Sundered Kingdom S&W Edition -  This is a compilation of old 3e Necromancer Games adventures converted to S&W. Two are pretty decent - Morrick Mansion and Aberrations (as you might guess, both are somewhat Lovecraftian) and I don't remember the third. Plus 3 new adventures. 364 pages, $25. Really, the only question is how good the conversion is, past conversions have been kinda half-assed.

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal Tarnet I Skoven -  This is an OSR module for a Danish retro clone. 28 pages and $1.95. (Why is it priced in dollars if it's Danish?)

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal - Porten til Drømmeriget - This is the second module in the series. Also in Danish. 27 pages and $1.95

Hinterlandet: Dragens dal - Den syngende vinds tempel - This is the third module in the series. Still in Danish. 23 pages, $1.95

Tales of the Terrible Button Dragon - It's been a while, I think, but the Gagmen are back with another adventure for Basic Fantasy Roleplaying. 15 pages, PWYW


Blood, Guts, and Glory - From Blacky the Blackball who did the BECMI clone comes this OSR game about furries in Elizabethan England. PWYW (and I think probably free on his own website) 

Microlite75 - Another version of the Microlite game rules. PWYW

Microlite75 Basic - More Microlite. While perhaps he's gone a bit overboard, it's to help his (or his wife's, I think) medical bills, so a good cause PWYW.

The Arcane - New S&W Class. 99 cents

The Blood is the Life - Vampire character class for B/X. PWYW and 8 pages.

The Hero's Journey - Already mentioned this, a White Box variant from Barrel Rider Games. PWYW

The Rann - New S&W class. 99 cents

The Renegade - New class for S&W. 99 cents

The Runner - Another new class for S&W. Wonder if it has a "Blinded by the Light" power. 99 cents

The Starrunner Kit: A Sci-Fi Space Toolkit - While seemingly mostly for White Star, this offers new races, classes and rules for things like mecha for Sci-Fi OSR games. 78 page and $6.99


Doomslakers OSR Character Sheets Pack - Hand drawn character sheets for OSR games.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New S&W White Box based RPG from Barrel Rider Games — The Hero's Journey

Has pretty much everything I don't like about S&W and White Box: Single Saving Throw; the weird d6+1, etc, hit dice; low level limits; d6 based skill system (1 in 6, 2 in 6, etc); minimalist ability score modifiers (from -2 to +2);  but if you like those things, it's worth a look.

Basically incorporates several of  Barrel Riders's White Box supplements. Mostly new classes.

Also uses armor as damage reduction.

Great cover, clearly inspired by the old Hobbit cover.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — Marche 13th, 2016

Not much really new this week, mostly retreads of older stuff., save one brand new adventure.

While I was never a fan of the system, the 1st Edition of RuneQuest (from 1978) is available in PDF


Quests of Doom Complete  - Swords & Wizardry conversion of some old Necromancer games 3.0 products. Basically "Lairs" style products, short dungeons with various monsters.  $27.99 and 255 pages.

The Inadvertent Wizard - From  newcomer (AFAIK), 'Coachk' comes this adventure meant for B/X/0e/1e. The set-up doesn't seem particularly interesting, but at least it's not a thrice told rehash of a 15 year old adventure. 26 pages, $5

The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley - This is a conversion to Swords & Wizardry of one of Necromancer's best 3.0 modules, The Tomb of Abysthor. The other two modules included kind of stink (they are railroady as hell). 144 pages, $12.99


Microlite74 Basic Epub -  If you want the game in epub form (for e-readers). $3.99

Microlite74 Extended Epub -  See above

Microlite 74 Standard Epub - Ditto

Zeta and Tuko - While it sounds like an alien and cowboy, it's a part of racial classes for White Star. $2.99 and 21 pages.

Monday, March 7, 2016

New OD&D Supplement — A Supplement for Perilous Realms

Basically just someone's 0E houserules, but worth a look, the PDF is free.

One thing, it introduces the attack method used in Sine Nomine's games, where you roll a d20, add an attack bonus, and then the armor class of the opponent (descending) and if it's 20 or more, you hit.

With the attack bonus being (like for monsters) simply the character's hit dice.

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — March 6th, 2016

Lot of Frog God stuff

Not strictly OSR in my book, but there are two works of Tunnels & Trolls fiction by Ken St. Andre, Rose of Stormgaard and Griffin Feathers.


No Place Like Gnome - There's something about gnomes that makes you want to make puns.  This is a short (4 page) pay what you want adventure from the Frugal GM

Rogues in Rembello - Already mentioned, it's a free S&W adventure

The Lost Lands: Adventures in the Border Provinces - Not much detail given, 151 pages, $17, surprisingly cheap

The Northlands Series 4: Oath of the Predator - S&W adventure for levels 4-6. 22 pages, $7

The Northlands Series 5: The Hidden Huscarl - S&W adventure for levels 5-7. 16 pages, $7 (Ah, there's the usual Frog God pricing)

The Northlands Series 6: One Night in Valhalla - S&W adventure for levels 8-10, 18 pages, $7


Divinities and Cults (Sword & Wizardry Edition) - This had previous come out in LL and DCC flavors. 56 pages, $7.99


27 Dungeon Maps - Free for non-commercial use, I guess

Guidebook to the Duchy of Valnwall - Already mentioned, but this is a Labyrinth Lord sourcebook from Small Niche Game. PWYW.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Free Sword & Wizardry adventure from Frog God Games

I don't really like Swords & Wizardry and I don't really like most of FGG's products (since most are designed for Pathfinder first and half-assedly converted), but this was written by Mathew Finch so presumably it was the other way around.

Also it's not short. It's 26 pages, which is what, like a $30 value going by Frog God's usual prices?

Friday, March 4, 2016

GM's sale at DTRPG/RPGNow

30% off titles from participating companies, which include Barrel Rider Games (Labyrinth Lord and White Star),  BRW games (Adventures Dark and Deep),  D101 (a couple Crypts & Things adventures),  Necrotic Gnome, Three Sages (The Beast that Waits is one of my favorite OSR modules), and WOTC (various 1e and 2e products)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Guidebook to the Duchy of Valnwall from Small Niche Games is now available

Last year (or maybe before that), Small Niche Games put out a free sourcebook on the City of Dolmvay, first mentioned in the Labyrinth Lord rulebook

They've followed it up with the similarly free (or pay what you want), Guidebook to the Duchy of Valnwall, where it's located, along with many of their adventures.

Definitely check it out if you are a fan of LL. While I think it's a far cry from the Known World/Mystara, it's not bad at all in its own right.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sine Nomine's Godbound Kickstarter is live!

There have been a lot of attempts at roleplaying gods, including the Immortals rules for D&D. Most of them have been pretty meh, IMHO.

Hopefully that will be different in Sine Nomine's newest game, Godbound. Given Mr. Crawford's track record, I think he'll make a very good attempt at it.

Anyway, already funded, $13,800 of $8,000.