Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — December 27th, 2016

2016 mercifully comes to a close. While the releases are light, in the spirit of the season most are PWYW.


Bleak House -  Perhaps the most notable character in Ravenloft besides the Dracula clone was the Van Helsing clone, Rudolph Van Richten.  This kills him off. $9.99 and 192 pages.

Ravenloft: Realm of Terror - The original Ravenloft boxed set.  168 pages, $7.99

The Astromundi Cluster - Part of the idea of Spelljammer was to travel from world to world. Well, this product kills that idea, basically keeping the PCs in one giant bottle full of asteroids.  $9.99 and 192 pages

The Legend of Spelljammer - The other part of Spelljammer was a giant spaceship. This details it. Unfortunately, like the above, it trapped the players on it. $9.99 and 192 pages


A Very Scary Xmos -  A holiday themed mini-adventure from Creation's Edge Games. 11 pages, PWYW


Krampus, The Christmas Demon -  Pretty much as the title says. 4 pages, PWYW

The Anatomist - Medical themed class for Basic D&D. 7 pages, PWYW


Friday Freebie 12-23-16 -  Looks like the corner of a larger dungeon. $1 for the enhanced version.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

RIP Vesna Vulovic

One of the more controversial things about AD&D, at least in the pages of Dragon and other venues, was the falling damage system, of 1d6 for every 10' fallen, capping out at 20d6. It was seen as too lenient, letting high level characters escape certain death (in the form of a monster or whatever) by leaping off a cliff, which could potentially be more survivable.

After lots of complaints, it was changed so it was cumulative, 1d6 for 10', 2d6 +1d6 for 20', 3d6 +2d6 +1d6 for 30' and so on

But in real life, falling isn't always so fatal. The late Vesna Vulvic was the record holder for the greatest distance fallen and surviving, a whopping 33,000' out of an airplane that blew up back in 1972.

Clearly she was a 20th level Stewardess.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — December 20th, 2016

Ho ho ho! Almost Christmas time. Or for that matter, the solstice and we start getting more light. December and January always make me feel like a Drow.


In the Phantom's Wake -  Last Thunder Rift adventure for Basic D&D, written by TSR's worst (IMHO) author (IMHO). 16 pages, $4.99

OA6 Ronin Challenge -  Much more dangerous than the Pepsi Challenge. 96 pages, $4.99

OA7 Test of the Samurai -  Big adventure, 96 pages, $4.99

PC4 Night Howlers -  Race as class can either be a strength or weakness, giving options but eventually becoming unwieldy with so many classes. This is the last of the Creature Crucible books, letting you play Lycanthropes (at least if your DM agrees). $4.99, 96 pages.

Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II - Seems to be mostly for the video game.  $4.99 and 128 pages.


Secrets of the Wyrwoode -  From frequently used OSR artist Luigi Castellani comes this site based exploration adventure for OSRIC, levels 5 to 7. 45 pages and $6.

A fair amount of his work has been released into the public domain via Kevin Crawford's Kickstarters and a good way to thank Mr. Castellani for going along that would be buying this.


Gramma World -  Sometimes typos can be fun, as that was apparently the genesis for this game, about elderly people, either solving mysteries or surviving in a post apocalypse world, it's not clear which. 80 pages, $4.45

Labyrinth Lord, Spanish Version - This is a bit odd, given that we had a really nice Spanish retroclone (Adventures in the East Mark) translated into English, I guess it's fair play to do the reverse.  208 pages and $15.92, probably evenly priced in pesos.


Friday Freebie Enhanced 12-16-16 -  I'm not sure what you'd call it, though it's part dungeon, part cave. $1 for enhanced version, free version free (duh)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mjolnir OSR Fanzine available in English

Apparently this was an old Swedish fanzine back in the day, but recently revived in both Swedish and English. I guess Issue 7 came out earlier in the year, but issue 8 seems to be new (at least I got an email about it)

Anyway, check it out, it's free and looks very cool, very White Dwarfish, before they went house magazine.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — December 13th, 2016

Woof, this is a very busy week. I think cold weather motivates people to stay in and write/game.

Most notably some modules from new comers, Starlight Games and The Scribes of Sparn


Caravans -  Al Qadim adventure or something. $7.99, 104 pages

Cities of Bone - This is a pretty decent sourcebook/adventure book for Al Qadim. 110 pages, $4.99

Naval Battle Rules: The Seas of Cerillia - I was meh on 2e, but I really liked Birthright. This is the sea combat supplement for it. It uses cards, so I'm not sure how this product will work. 45 pages, $4.99

Netheril: Empire of Magic -  Some Forgotten Realms sourcebook. $9.99, 160 pages.

Prayers from the Faithful - As if 2e clerics (er, priests) were poweful enough, there's this FR sourcebook. 128 pages, $9.99

Ruins of Undermountain II: Deep Level Boogaloo - I never got Undermountain, it was like 90% geomorph and 10% dungeon. 160 pages, $9.99


Ancalla: The Broken Towers -  More a setting than adventure, this is for Godbound. 83 pages, $9.99 and apparently in various different formats besides PDF.

Arsenal of the Warrior Princess - This is an OSR adventure (specifically B/X) from newcomer Starlight Games for levels 4-5. $1.99 and 21 pages

Bell, Book, and Candle - Mini-dungeon from Creations Edge Games for Sword & Wizardry characters level 4-6.  10 pages, $1.50

TG1 Lost Temple of Iblotheg - S&W version of a multi-system module from Cut to the Chase games. Hope this one actually has descriptions of the monsters and not just names/stats, their previous module I own had a bunch of new ones that I knew nothing about. 32 pages plus maps, $4.99

The Kringle Castle Invaders - Apparently Santa Claus's castle has been invaded and the PCs (levels 2-4) must save him. $5.75 and 52 pages which seems a bit pricey, but it looks like it has a lot of art.

The Oddboxx of Zoforon -  This has a pretty long backstory, too long to recap here. But it's for levels 5-7. 32 pages, and $5.75


White Box Compendium -  Because you apparently can't ever have enough rules for White Box. 50 pages, $4.99

White Box Gothic - See above. $4.99 and 50 pages.


Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Screen -  6 pages, $1.99

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map 12-09-2016 -  This week's map is pretty neat, a map of city blocks. $1 for the enhanced version.

The Wizard's Scroll Issue 1 - New S&W 'zine with a lot of different authors and artists. Very reasonably priced at $1.99 and 50 pages

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New OSR Products at DTRPG/RPGNow — December 6th, 2016

This is a pretty busy week and I've got a cold.


Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn -  Only ones I remember from Dragonlance were the gully dwarves. But apparently there were more, 192 pages worth. $9.99

FR7 Hall of Heroes -  Stats from NPCs from early Forgotten Realms novels (before they got too awful). 128 pages, $9.99

PG1 Players Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign - I'm sure someone, somewhere played in the Dragonlance setting rather than read the books, but I sure didn't.  $4.99, 128 pages

Tales of the Lance - This is the boxed set for the 2e version of the Dragonlance setting. $9.99 and 208 pages.

Time of the Dragon - I have no idea what this is, except it's another boxed set for Dragonlance, but very early in 2e's life.  184 pages and $9.99


Blood in the Chocolate -  Low level adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. From the description, sounds like a "Screw you" adventure. 55 pages, $7.99

Broodmother Sky Fortress - This seems to be a real adventure for Lamenations of the Flame Princess (not a "screw you" or a "wah wah I'm so pretentious and depressed" pity party involving a weird sky castle. 173 pages, $9.99

Lairs & Encounters -  For Adventurer, Conqueror, King System comes this adventure supplement devoted to monster lairs and includes rules for making monsters (but isn't the point of OSR that you don't need rules like that? That's what turned me off 3e, you need an accounting degree to make new monsters).  $10 for 229 pages

OWB007: Attack on Hilo Ahu Beach -  Just in time for Pearl Harbor Day, I guess, comes this WW2 adventure for Operation White Box/ PWYW and 19 pages.

The Last Snipe Hunt - Short adventure for White Star. 14 pages, $1.50


Guns of War -  Rules for early style gunpowder for ACKS and other OSR games. $5, 58 pages and no idea if it includes rules for walking hippos.

Mazes & Perils: The Charlatan -  New class for the Holmes-ish game. $1.99 and 9 pages.


Friday Freebie Enhanced Map -  This week looks like it's a wizard's lair. $1 for the enhanced version.

Mazes & Perils: Christmas Bundle - Seems to have every official product which is just the deluxe rules, twos adventure and a few new classes. $10.38 which is a pretty good eal (like 60% off)