Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New OSR Titles at DTRPG/RPGNOW — Sept 20th, 2016

I should probably be doing some reviews here, but I've been busy enjoying the last weeks of Summer. Someone has been busy though, being responsible for 8 of the products below.


DDA 3 Eye of Traldar -  One of the last basic D&D adventures, nominally set in Karameikos.  32 pages, $4.99

The Magic Encyclopedia Volume 1 -  Not to be confused with the Encyclopedia Magica, this is a listing of every AD&D magic item, basically just listing the name, gold/xp value and its original source. Useful, but the Encyclopedia Magica has that as well as the actual description of the item. So this is largely a pointless product. $4.99 64 pages.

MC8 Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes -  The return of demons & devils to 2e, albeit under new names.  96 pages, $4.99

OA5 Mad Monkey vs the Dragon Claw - Adventure for Oriental Adventures.  $4.99, 56 pages.


BS1 The Little Baroney in the Far Far in the Western Frontier -  The first of many adventures from Eldad of Dragonsfoot, apparently detailing the first floor of a megadungeon called The Black Stairs. 36 pages, $3.50

BS2 The Creeping Shadow of the Witch Queen - Level two of the above dungeon. 36 pages, $3.50

BS3 Drow Unercity of Death -  You probably get this by now. 28 pages, $2.50

BS4 The Drow Sewers - Full of scrubbing driders, I'd guess. 28 pages, $2.50

Too Many Kobolds - Adventure for White Box. 9 pages, $1


Back to the Dungeon Book 4: Advanced Races & Classes -  Aanother rulebook for Eldad of Dragonsfoot's OSR-ish game. 44 pages, $4

Back to the Dungeon Book 5:Even More Races and Classes - $4, 40 pages.

Back to the Dungeon Book 6: Dungeon Arcana - This seems to be GM tips, though possibly a rant based on the large text in the product description.  $2.50, 28 pages.

Back to the Dungeon Book 7: Dungeon Alchemy -  Yet another rulebook for Eldad of Dragonsfoot's OSR-ish game. 24 pages, $2


D100 Things Overheard in a Tavern - From the good proprietor of the 3 Toadstools Blog comes this handy idea generating product. 4 pages, PWYW

Dungeons in Blue Expansion Triple Pack Five -  Old school blue maps. $8.79

Friday Freebie Enhanced Map - Enhanced version of a free map from Paratime Design. $1.

Swords of Kos Fantasy Setting - From Skirmisher Publishing comes this large setting book which was partly developed through old school D&D. 360 pages, and $35.99. I like some of their stuff, but not nearly $40 worth.

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