Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Update of sorts

Thanks for the emails. I'm still somewhat frazzled by dealing with the aftermath of my father's passing. Having to make arrangements for the body, contacting people to notify he passed (and inevitably having them choke up when they hear the news), dealing with this or that (and since I was the only family he had, I'm the only one to do it).

Beyond that, he did have any life insurance or leave any money (as he was living off of social security) and left a lot of debts, most of which I will ignore (like the $1500 3 mile ambulance ride), but some stuff needs to be paid. I tried a GoFundMe on his Facebook page but that failed spectacularly (I got angry comments from his friends) so I have to get another part time job for that (in the next week or so) and I have no idea how much free time that will leave me. 

So time will tell if I have time to do this in the future. And thanks again


  1. I have dealt with this twice now and first allow me to offer my condolences. Outside of the funeral cost which can be very high the rest should not be your responsibility.

  2. "some stuff needs to be paid"--before you pay it, make sure it really does have to be paid. Remember that it's always going to be your father's estate's debt, not yours (despite what some creditors apparently suggest).