Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — November 1st, 2017

I was going to do this last night, but I was playing the space 4x game Stars in Shadow (very much a Moo2 clone with turn based combat, but a good one) and in the midst of crushing an alien empire. Hard to pull yourself away from that, especially as they had been winning.


Advanced Adventures #38: White Dragon Run II -  Evidently there were a bunch released when I was away since they are up to 38 now. This is a sequel to a module that was more a town with some side quests than a typical module. This adds more sidequests/sandbox stuff.  $7, 18 pages

Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival -  Another Kabuki Kaiser sandbox deal, this time Asian horror. $4.99 and 96 pages.  These are a must buy for me even if they weren't cheap.

RPGPundit Presents #5 - The Child Eaters -  This issue of his periodical is an adventure about witches meant for his Dark Albion setting. 9 pages, $1.99

SO3 Wycked Summons -  Shouldn't that be "Wyckyd Summyns"? (and the u with an an umlaut). This is a one shot adventure for 1e/2e and 4th to 6th level characters. $10 for 24 pages.

The Dying Sword - From Unbalanced Dice games comes another LL adventure, this one short by his standards at 16 pages and $2.50


The Puppeteer -  New class specifically for LotFP but probably usable in most basic games. I have one called that in the works but this seems somewhat different than mine, and is bard based. 8 pages, PWYW

The Witch for S&W Continual Light -  From the witch guy of course. $1.49 and 13 pages.

Witch S&W Bundle - Whatever witch is which this has you covered.

Wizardry Unearthed for S&W Continual Light - Let the cash ins for a new flavor of S&W begin, I guess. $1.25

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