Thursday, November 15, 2018

New OSR Products at RPGNow/DTRPG — November 15th, 2018

One week from Black Friday (aka Thanksgiving) and we're getting 7 inches of snow.  Usually Winter doesn't hit here in St. Louis until the 2nd week of December, but this year we skipped Fall, apparently.


B/X Ascending for B/X Essentials -  Sounds like it's a B/X take on 3rd edition (or vice-versa). Or maybe 5th edition. But definitely not 4th. $2.99 and 65 pages

d240 NPC Careers -  Not something you'd think is OSR, but apparently is. PWYW list of careers for NPCs, with rules for skills. 7 pages

Ford's Faeries - Already mentioned, free bestiary inspired by Henry Justice Ford

RPPP #54 - Medieval College Adventures -  This is background and rules for colleges for Lion & Dragon and Dark Albion. One of my favorite historical mystery series is set at medieval Oxford (by Susannah Gregory) and they make Animal House look Sunday School.  $2.99 and 21 pages


Friday Enhanced Map 11-09-2018 - Big cave. $1

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