Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — February 17th, 2020

Well, this was a busy week, though most of it seems to have come from three people/companies and most of it unfortunately for S&W. It's really impressive though how it's supported by fans while its treated as an afterthought and cash in by its own company/creator.

Adventures & Settings

Estria -  Another region for the Odysseys & Overlords setting. 10 pages, $1.25

Feast of the Gobbler -  "S&W" adventure from FGG. 26 pages, $8

Four Views of Grizzly Eye Cave -  Site based S&W module, set within a small cavern. 14 pages, PWYW.

Four Visits to Wyvernseeker Rock - Not sure while anyone would seek a wyvern, much less a rock, but a S&W adventure. 12 pages, PWYW

Guimond's Tower and the Lair of the Druid-Lich - A bad druid mutates forest adventure for S&W. 5 pages, PWYW

Mystery at Ravenrock - "S&W" adventure from FGG. 24 pages, $8

Nations of the Orclands -  A region for the Odysseys & Overlords setting, involving orcs who wear really tight pants. Also includes a new races and class. 12 pages, $1.95

Old Cruik Hollow -  Short S&W adventure about a bandit's lair (maybe). 5 pages, PWYW

The Banshee's Tower - Short S&W adventure. 6 pages, PWYW

The Horror out of Hagsjaw - "S&W" adventure from FGG. 22 pages, $8

The Ruined Land of Shaymar -  Another region of the Odysseys & Overlords setting, one that has apparently been overrun by giant rats. $1.25, 10 pages

The Savage Caves - Despite the name, sounds like more like a ruined temple complex of a knightly order.  5 pages, PWYW


Aliens for RPG's -  For SWN and other OSR based space games. 12 pages, $2.86

The Hexer -  This is a witcher style class for S&W White Box. 10 pages, $2

The Shaman: an OSR Class -  Sadly, does not include a summons for a dancing, oiled up Jason Statham but it sorta like a druid. PWYW and a preview for the Silver Swords zine below.


Black Pudding #6 - Another issue of J.V. West's truly remarkable 'zine, which is one of the best things in the OSR. PWYW and 28 pages.

Friday Enhanced Map 2-14-20 - Another nice looking dungeon map from Tim Hartin. $2

Silver Swords Vol 1, No 2 - Generic sounding zine but with a Shaman class for OSR games. 40 pages, $3


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