Friday, October 23, 2020

New OSR Products at DTRPG — October 22nd, 2020

 One of the things I like about fall is that there is always one more "Last Day of Summer" where you have nice warm temperatures and it's nice out. There will be a week or so of cold weather, than 1-2 days of nice warm weather. 

Until there is no more and it's just cold weather.  But it's a nice way to ease into winter.

Tonight was (probably) the last day of Summer. 85 and even now, still 70 outside. But then it comes crashing down tomorrow when the front comes through.

Adventures & Settings


First Level Dungeons -  This seems to be a collection of 12 small dungeons in one product, including one written by Steve Kenson, who started off with Shadowrun fan material on GEnie back in the day, and turned pro. 

$4.99 and not sure how many pages, but it's huge, almost 200 megabytes. 

The Crypts of the Aimascurs - Another hex crawl/site based adventure from Third Kingdom Games. $3.95 and 29 pages


Octhorrorfest! -  Various new horror (sorta) themed stuff for Old School Adventures (B/X) including three new classes. 49 pages and $6  (and as an aside, why is the "company" name Appendix N Entertainment, when it's for B/X which had its own inspiration section, not Appendix N?


Dungeons in Blue - Just Geomorphs 31 32 and 33 - $3.49 each. I was never a fan of geomorphs, dungeons should make sense.

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  1. Here are DM and Player maps now for both RL1 & 2: Craft Dungeon & Charnel Pits of Reynaldo Lazendry! In Charnel Pits I moved the headless male body to the room with the centaur and placed two big water tanks for creating water breathing creatures in it's former room. Please let me know what you all think! Of course creatures that were a mix of different ones, I just used a base creature to depict it on the map! Now to wait for RL 3 & hopefully 4!