Thursday, June 19, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—June 19th 2014

Surprisingly busy this week. Already mentioned Horde magazine


FP11 - Johan's Lost Vault - An Adventures in Filbar modules for AD&D, no level range given (except mid to high level). 35 pages, $3

The Beleaguered Burrow - From a newer publisher, Paper Brain Games, this is an Labyrinth Lord mini sandbox adventure suitable for levels 1 to 3. 12 pages, $1.99


Classes of Fantasy: Centaur -  This is a Labyrinth Lord class from PJS Games. 1 page, $1

Half-Orc Sorcerer - This is a class for an OSR game I've never heard of, Life of Rage about playing orcs and such

Investigator - A class for Labyrinth Lord from Barrel Rider games. 14 levels, 6 pages, and $1


Across the Realms: Encylopedia of Adventure #1: Here Be Monsters - this seems to be a new OSR periodical, with this issue featuring 13 new Labyrinth Lord monsters.  7 pages, $1.99

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