Thursday, August 28, 2014

MM4 Roadside Respite now available for pre-order

Almost missed this one, MM4 Roadside Respite, a mini module for OSRIC, 4 to 6 characters of levels 4-5. Indeed, I've missed the entire line, although this seems to be the first in it (so why is it 4? I don't know)
While travelling the road a weary group of adventurers has come upon a long abandoned farmstead. It seems to be remarkably peaceful and even protected. Soon dreams of other lives, other times, and terrible deeds take over until sleep just becomes a heart breaking nightmare. Heroes never ask for such a curse, but tortured souls from the past are pleading for help, and there is no rest for the noble until help comes. What secrets did this farmstead hold?
Will sleep never come for our heroes until they too are invading the dreams of living?

Anyway, apparently the first 50 will be numbered and signed (it's a print product), and there are only 27 left as I type this. Only $6.95

I dunno if the module is any good, but he's a hell of a good artist.

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