Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mischief Inc looking for playtesters for new module

Their next release is 4A A Forgotten Evil and apparently they are looking for playtesters for it.

Mischief, Inc. is looking for a few groups of playtesters for our upcoming adventure module 4A A Forgotten Evil. We are looking for groups willing to use Old School Rules, or a modern clone to test the adventure.

Player characters will be provided, as well as other playtest materials including journals designed to make feedback easier.

Non-disclosure agreements are required for Game Masters and all players, and participants will have their name listed in the Credits of the adventure.

Interested parties should contact Mischief, Inc. at info@mischiefinc.net with the Subject "A Forgotten Evil Playtest."

Please state the ruleset you would like to use, and the number of players in your group in the initial email.

**Mischief, Inc. Forum membership is a requirement for playtesting as communication with playtesters will be done through the forums**

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