Thursday, November 27, 2014

New OSR Products at RPGNow—November 27th, 2014

A few new products and several old ones from elsewhere added.


FP9 - The Onyx Spire - This week's Adventures in Filbar module. 16 pages, $3, and for mid level characters.

Hexed Places - The Gray Ribs - This is some sort of hex crawl type deal. $2.69

Slumber Ursine Dunes PDF - This is a hex crawl with two dungeons and some new classes for Labyrinth Lord. $9 for 66 pages.
The Demon's Gambit - Another mini-adventure from Creation's Edge for Swords & Wizardry. This time for character 8-10th level invading a demon's lair. 13 pages, $1.50


Basic Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition - Not sure why you'd download it from here as opposed to the website for it, but you can. Small additions but basically the same as past editions of the game.

Basic Fantasy RPG Field Guide - Basically a monster manual for above. 

Old School Monster Classes - 14 monster PC classes for Labyrinth Lord including Giant, Naga, Medusa, and Vampire. 43 pages and $4.99

The Basic Illusionist - This is not new, but new to RPGNow. Free


Secrets #1: Omens & Artifacts - Again, not new, but new to RPGNow. This is a fanzine. 24 pages, $1.99

Secrets #2: Strange Races - Second issues of the above fanzine, this one has 25 new races. 28 pages, $1.99

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