Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Module for Metamorphosis Alpha

The Android Underlords by Michael Curtis
An all-new adventure for Metamorphosis Alpha, the first sci-fi RPG created by James M. Ward in 1976!
The Knower of All Things has been kidnapped! Mysterious agents have abducted the village shaman in the dead of night, leaving a hideous trail in their wake. Now it is up to the bravest and strongest members of the tribe to rescue the shaman before he falls victim to his captors’ nefarious plans. Before their journey is through, the village heroes will find themselves in an undreamt-of place, battling faceless foes. Is your mutant up to the challenge?
This adventure module is designed for Metamorphosis Alpha first edition, as originally published in 1976 and re-published by Goodman Games in 2014

$6 pages, 14 pages.

Now only if they'd publish some more 1e AD&D modules.

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  1. While more 1e material would be great, given the relative lack of support for Metamorphosis Alpha, my preference would be to see more material released for the MA.