Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols Vol 1 available at Lulu

This rings a bell, but I'm not familiar with it off hand. I think this is a compilation of fanzines,

Within lies a taste of the world of Fantasy before it was clipped and trimmed and placed in a neat box. Animators and Musketeers delve dank dungeons teeming with Nosferrogu and Flamingodiles, where mutant tribes battle coldly calculating Luminites with poisoned spears and blazing lasers. Shitoth the Spider Daemon and Bitlinktaknerekt the Hell Gnome stalk their deadly lairs. The mummified head of the ancient sorcerer TuattaTan berates you for your obesity. Genres mix and epochs mingle, arcanotech and dinosaurs, Thundarr meets Cthulhu! Dreams coalesce and nightmares take on reality. What is this glorious mess?! It’s WIZARDS MUTANTS LASER PISTOLS! the fanzine of old school weirdness

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