Monday, April 20, 2015

The Tomb of Gardag the Strange—New PWYW Adventure from 3 Toadstools

A new module from Shane Ward of the 3 Toadstools blog. If you follow that (it's on my blogroll), he's been working on a megadungeon but put this out to take a break from it. I am a fan of his previous stuff, so I've been eager for both.
A long time ago lived an evil and very eccentric warlord named Gardag.  Over the years he up aa cult following, many flocked to him and worshipped.  He sent out his cultists to pillage and burn the surronding lands.  Eventually he ammased a huge stock pile of treasure. 
*A OSR module for 4 - 6 Characters Levels 3 and up.  Compatible with Labyrinth Lord (TM). 
Includes Pre Generated Characters
Interesting Henchemen
One Hand Drawn Map 
24 Encounter Locations

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