Thursday, April 30, 2015

New OSR Products at RPGNow—April 30th, 2015

Busy, busy week, though much of that is new classes. Lots and lots of new classes.

Lots and lots and lots of new classes. Do they actually sell? Or get downloaded? For two of the three that I put out, I didn't even get enough back to pay for the stock art. And more importantly (since I didn't make them for money), they didn't get downloaded much, despite being PWYW.

And do they get playtested? I used the three I released in my game for several levels, but how do you playtest dozens of new classes? Shrug.

Beyond that, two different charity products this week.


Death Ziggurat in Zero-G - This is a Metamorphosis Alpha adventure. 16 pages, $5.99

Double Feature Module - Bonespur Glacier and The Tomb of Bashyr -  This had two modules for OSRIC with the proceeds going to a children's charity. This version is 4.99 and 23 pages, and there is also a PWYW version


Avreal Divine Theurge - Apparently an angel like racial class for Labyrinth Lord and Adventurer, Conqueror, King System that uses divine and arcane magic. $1.49, 10 pages.

Avreal Knight Divine - Apparently some sort of racial class for Labyrinth Lord and ACKS, about an angel. $1.49, 10 pages

Black Mage - A new class for Labyrinth Lord and ACKS. $1.49, ten pages.

Class Compendium - 50+ new classes for Labyrinth Lord from Barrel Rider Games. $9.99, 235 pages.

Dwarven Paladin -  This is exactly why I don't like class as race, you end up having to make new classes for every combination. But anyway, new class for LL and ACKS. 6 pages, $1.49

Elven Arcist - A new class for LL and ACKS. $1.49, six mages. Seems to be something like a warlock.

Iron Falcon  - Another OD&D clone, this from the author of Basic Fantasy Role-Playing. Free

Paladin - A new take on an old class for LL and ACKS.  $1.49, 9 pages.

Warden - Guess what, another new class for LL/ACKs. Sadly, not a spaceship class. $1.49

White Mage - A new class for LL and ACKS. $1.49, ten pages


Game for Nepal - Charity Bundle - This includes several OSR products with an Asian theme: Arrows of Indra, Mad Monks of Kwantoom, Qelong, Red Tide, Ruins & Ronin, and Valle of the 5 Flames as well as some print out thingie. $15 and all of it goes to charity.

Gods of Wor - This is a book describing the gods of the Wor setting, which was the location of the adventure, The Beast That Waits, which I liked a lot. $4, 36 pages.

Saga of the Splintered Realms Book 2 - This is a whole bunch of stuff, classes, adventures, and what not. 144 pages, Pay What You Want

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